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TheHyperloops 3383

The following decklist is featured on The Hyperloops article by NJCuenca exploring Wookiees. You can check that out here: https://www.thehyperloops.com/wookiees/

This is just a blue print and I have tried adding mostly good cards. Ideally you want to be moving damage to Chewy until he gets up to 6 damage and then keep him at that point by moving the extra to Han. Han's Power Action can flip a Chewy die to any side and when his ability is active his 2 for 1 melee side will resolve instantly for three damage without needing to pay! Valorous Tribe's wording is incredibly flexible and can do exactly what you want it to do when battling off against a damage dealing deck. Dex's Diner seems great when you are playing Valorous Tribe - they both seem made for the Wookiee ability. This deck has a ton of flavor and if you have a flavor night this is the kind of deck I would bring.


Orffme 64

This deck looks like tons of fun!

TheHyperloops 3383

it is, still working out all the numbers but its been ok.