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Just a small caveat before we start: in my country I can only play Star Wars Destiny on tabletop simulator due to delays on the arrival of the material so my experience may be kind of limited in a way.

I can, however, say I’ve played lots of games with this deck and it safely beats some of the regular archetypes. The pragmatic approach to win matches with this deck is that you just need to hold on for a maximum of 5 turns with at least a character on the table.

Each turn will surely take 5 cards out of your opponents hands and the battlefield can even reduce the number of turns you need to play by 1… if you play efficiently and outsmart your opponent you’ll always be the first to play and will always claim the battlefield. If you do it every turn you’ll be reducing the chances of losing by a great amount. Defeating Vader and Jabba in 4 turns is very, very difficult!

FIRST AND FOREMOST: You’ll lose Darth Vader every time! You’ll have to get yourself used to the idea… it’s inevitable. The coolest character on the whole game is a kind of scapegoat in this narrative where Jabba the Hutt will be the last standing villain. Opponents will see Vader as the biggest threat on the table and will leave the fat ugly binge eater to the end, something that will later cost them the game.

Take it naturally. Protect it the best you can, play the game of striping his resources and spreading the feared 3 Melee damage across the table and the opponent will quickly realize his fast death at the hands of this adored villain unless he focuses all his efforts on killing him.

You will be laughing of joy when the fat villain is the last guy on your side the table and on the other side there will be one or two characters gravely wounded, an empty hand and 5 cards on the opponent deck to try and beat your unblemished Jabba on the next turn or just... lose!

SECOND AND NATURALLY: Always go for the hand! Jabba is incredible on stripping cards out of the opponent’s hand. Force Choke, Mind Probe -I know it’s contradictory to the concept of the deck and all that but it will leave your opponent confused as hell and its special die can be resolved early in the turn to frighten him or even deal a lot of damage to any pesky character that somehow gets in your way so that Vader finishes him off later-, Thermal Detonator and The Power of the Force will be your allies in leaving your opponent bare handed.

You may already guessed that but an opponent without cards in hand is helpless against your dice and cannot reroll his own… the feeling of absolute glory when you leave a character to be exhausted later on and see that your opponent can do NOTHING against your rolls is just perfect!

Vader’s ability seems somewhat weak but it’s a tough choice for your opponent to always lose a card as soon as you activate his biggest fear on the form of a card. It will weaken him mentally and logistically. His secret weapons, that big upgrade he had been saving for, any good cards that get in his hands will be inevitably thrown out to the discard pile and you’ll be ever closer to winning.


. Sith Holocron – Enough said about this card. It’s plain ridiculous. I guess it will be banned or errata’ed very soon. It’s just too powerful.

. Thermal Detonator – It frightens your foe like hell. Good against decks that rely on lots of characters (like Stormtroopers or Padawans or Nighsisters). It’s also very handy on taking cards out of your opponents’ hand.

. Crime Lord– If you find enough resources to play it, play it immediately. It’s so powerful. By the end of the game you’ll be accumulating resources and you can even get to activate its special. And it is just delicious when you do it… The other die sides are also very potent. Don’t underestimate this card. It’s perfect for Jabba!

. Underworld Connections – Sometimes people get to overlook this card but you can start seeing its potential as soon as you understand that it can be used as soon as it enters play, so it just costs you 1 resource. It will allow you to have 3 resources per turn (even 4 if you’re lucky enough to find the second) and will get you to the high end upgrades and the awesome Crime Lord possibility really fast.

Enjoy this brew. Tell me what you think and prove me that you can defeat this deck easily! I challenge you on tabletop simulator if you dare!

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