Czech Grand Championship 2019 TOP8 - Maul/Phasma

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kubaEM 61

For our last GC I wanted something entirely different than all the complicated Palp, Admiral and rainbow villain decks that have been dominating the meta. Maul is an interesting character that finally got a decent card. This deck is centralised around getting big 3-cost saber down first round before Maul’s activation and wreak havoc. Also tried version with Mandalorian Super Commando which performs better in longer games and is overall a bit more consistent. However this one is just more fun thanks to iconic characters and cards and potential for huge swings.

Ideal first hand:

Respite, 3-cost saber (preferably Maul’s), Hidden Motive, Counterintelligence and 2-cost saber (preferably Dooku’s)


ePalp/eWatto - Win (1:0) I was lucky with my rolls and opponent wasn’t able to mitigate. Palp defeated on second round.

eIden/eTobias - Loss (1:1) Bad matchup, opponent ramped hard and played Megablaster Troopers on round 1.

eDJ/eTalzin/order66 - Win (2:1) I got ‘lured’ and ‘ordered’ on two consecutive rounds. Had to mitigate hard to survive. Then opponent didn’t get order on next round so I killed DJ. Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch with a lot of damage from PAs couldn’t make it.

eWatto/ePalp - Loss (2:2) I was looking at 5 abilities + 2 sabers on palp round 2. Opened round 3 with Tactical Mastery and needed to get 6 damage from maul, maul’s saber and dooku’s saber – didn’t get it.

eSnoke/Phasma/Mudtrooper - Win (3:2) Got a surprising Mind Extraction on Maul first round which complicated their ramp but prevented a lot of damage.

eSnoke/eKallus/order66 - Win (4:2) Opponent didn’t get order on round 2 and I killed Kallus

TOP8 match - eIden/eTobias (same player I met in second round swiss) I was really unlucky in first game, got terrible starting hand and everything went really bad. Second one was fairly close with 2 health left on Tobias but Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician with Recovered Sith Lightsaber couldn't do it.

Good matchups:

Mill (especially 3-wide) – You are very dangerous with dice you have from the get-go and don’t need many cards to create pressure. They will make it hard with all the removal they pack, but if you put an upgrade down round 1 you should be fine.

Shield decks (Yoda2, Qui-Gon2, …) – shield hate cards and decent removal should keep you in control in first 2 rounds, PA puts damage on supporting character as well. In round 3 you should be making the kill on main character.

Worst matchups:

Middle-middle ranged aggro decks (like Iden/Beckett) – you can’t defeat a 11/12 heath character fast enough. They have a ton of damage dice you can’t mitigate effectively. Iden prevents you from playing tactical mastery. Pack their own action cheating.

Order 66 decks – consistent removal of both Maul - Skilled Duelist's dice with 2 damage a turn is obviously a serious problem. You need Counterintelligence and/or Tactical Mastery to keep you in game.

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