Kylo2 + Phasma2 Top 8 Milwaukee Prime 2020

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In January 2018, I brought Kylo2 + Phasma2 to my first Destiny tournament ever, at my LGS. I was a brand new player and even knew to buy two 2-Player sets, so I could play the characters elite! But I was not dialed into the card errata and balance of the force info, so when I showed up, I was informed that my deck was illegal b/c Phasma had been nerfed. Wow. What a disappointment. The store loaned me Awakenings General Grievous so I could field a 30-pt list, but still…

But now that I can play eKylo2 + ePhasma2, I’m going to! I’ve wanted to play this list competitively for 2 years!! :D

Pre-tournament playtesting:

Version 1: 2x Separatist Embargo and lots of weapon upgrades. Almost exactly the same version as “Kylo Phasma Final:”

G1: win vs. Chris on Plowoks. Was extremely fortunate against Laser Trip Wire. It’s very strange to hope for bad rolls when you activate your characters!

G2: loss vs. Bradley on Reylo. Took Kylo out fairly quickly but by then Rey was in beast-mode and heavily shielded. Opponent runs Legacies and he used it for the win on a +3 Maul’s Saber side.

Version 2: 2x Separatist Embargo, 2x Bubble Shield, 2x Megablaster Troopers and 2x Torment, with necessarily fewer weapon upgrades. Torment helped me ramp into Megablaster Troopers.

G1: win vs. Eric on Chopper Li’l Anakin Rebel Engineer

G2: win vs. Jim on Zeb Chewie2

G3: loss vs. John on Aphra Grievous Sentinel Messenger. Got both his murder droids out Round 1 and DM’ed my Megablasters immediately. Got the stupid Vader’s Fist Round 2, I think. Blah blah blah…But now I know not to play the Megablasters until I’ve seen both copies of DM played or discarded, or I’ve Embargoed it.

The Milwaukee Prime (Feb. 8 2020):

Version 3: (the one listed here that I brought to the Prime): same support package, but changed the upgrade suite to be almost all redeploy weapons.

G1: loss (0-1) vs. Josh on Padme Saw. Kylo whiffed quite a lot on his activation ability, and even though I got both my Bubble Shields down, I still got overwhelmed by indirect damage! Really interesting deck and skillfully piloted by the winner of the November 2019 Prime at Grognard Games in Roselle, IL.

G2: win (1-1) vs. Chris (a Milwaukee local) on Iden Beckett. Kylo’s activation ability hit just about every time, got fortunate rolls and was able to pound away on Iden, then Beckett. My opponent was a really good sport: in the final round, I had the battlefield and he reminded me that even though all I had was Phasma left, I should still do the PA on Military Camp, b/c after activating her I could reroll one of her character dice if I wanted. Turns out I didn’t need to b/c I rolled into lethal damage + a Phasma focus side. Love to all you awesome Milwaukee Destiny players!! And hearty thanks to Board Game Barrister in Greenfield, WI for hosting this Prime!

G3: win (2-1) vs. Michael on Luke3 + Kit. This game…I felt really bad for my opponent. This is Kylo2’s ideal match-up, of course. Round1, Turn 1, I activate Kylo, call blue (2 damage to Luke), and Kylo rolls double 2X. Opponent had no mitigation, so he played Binds. Round1, Turn2: 4X into Luke. Opponent plays another Binds. Round1, Turn3: Activate Phasma: double Specials. Big sigh from my opponent b/c he’s obviously been flooded with supports and upgrades and no way to mitigate. He exhausts both Binds and plays a weapon on Kit. Round1 Turn4: Resolve both Phasma specials into Luke for the kill. That’s pretty much how the game went for my opponent. Ouch…

G4: win (3-1) vs. Nic on Vos Pryce. This was a crazy game! You just never know how this is going to go…My opponent was able to resolve Vos’s Special many times but…well, here’s what he got: Armor Plating, Armor Plating, Riot Shield, Dark Saber, which he couldn’t play it b/c he already had a Dark Saber on Vos. Meanwhile, Kylo and Phasma are doing their thing. Super nice player. After the game we exchanged Power Action tokens: I gave him one of my Jank It Up, Fuzzball poker chips, and he gave me a little C-3PO figurine. Then we were talking about the nerd podcast I do with my daughter, and he subscribed right then and there! (It’s called Splanchnics, BTW.)

G5: loss (3-2) vs. Bill on 5-die Chopper droids. A couple lucky Kylo activations, but I did a really dumb thing during this game: Chopper was showing 1X & 2X, so I spent 2 resources to play Niman Mastery on an already-activated Kylo and turned the 2X to blank. Only then did I notice that my opponent had not activated R2. Whoops. He activated R2, got his 2X and turned the Chopper die right back to its 2X. Sigh. That’s pretty much how this game went for me. At least it improved my strength of schedule, because Bill was 4th overall after Swiss! Tra la!

Bill went on to win the whole event, BTW! Congratulations! Here is his tournament report:

G6: win (4-2) vs. Aaron on Vox Pryce. What? Another Vos deck! LOL! All you can do against this is execute your game plan: full aggro into Iden, esp if she’s got Admiral on her!) And then…duck for cover if they get those big supports out! Hahaha! Somehow this game went my way.

Top 8 Match: I was in 8th place, so I was paired with the 1st place player, Ricky, who was undefeated on Snoke Mando Mudtrooper. I was happy to play this match, though, b/c even though Ricky and I are regulars at a local Chicago-area store, I haven’t had a chance to play against him very much lately. This was a really fun match!

Game 1: I hit with Kylo’s ability every time, rolled well, etc. Defeated Snoke first, then steadily beat down the others. Ricky targeted Phasma first, no doubt in order to reduce the impact of Megablasters if I played it. But by the time Phasma was out, Kylo was loaded up and rolling well.

Game 2: went much more in Ricky’s favor. He (correctly, I think) targeted Kylo first this time and just executed flawlessly.

Game 3: By this time I was getting tired and slap-happy and doing dumb things, like playing Probe after I had already played Counterintelligence and removed the only event from my opponent’s hand. D’oh! Ricky once again piloted his list cleanly. At the end I rolled really well with Phasma, but I was 1 action behind and she only had 1 health left. I did what damage I could to the Mando, but Ricky did the Mando PA for the win! Really exciting match!

Totally happy with my result and pleased to have done so well with this list! Congratulations to all the players! It was fun day of Destiny and nerdy camaraderie!!

MVP cards: Counterintelligence, Theed, Fear & Dead Men, A Sinister Peace, Lightsaber (yes, the OG Lightsaber!), Hidden Motive, Intimidate, Riot Shield, Heirloom Lightsaber, Probe (when I didn’t misuse it like a doofus…)

Disappointments: Reconstruct, Niman Mastery, Megablaster Troopers. I think I would omit these and put in more weapons, more mitigation, and perhaps try Soresu Mastery.

Thoughts on this character pairing: Mixed damage (guns, sticks, and specials) is not ideal. But this is a fun, thematic list that is still quite strong. Build a Finn Rose list (don’t forget BB-8!!) and reenact the scene on the First Order starship from The Last Jedi!


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