Kallus/Snoke Czech Grand Championship top 8

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KacaLetec 33

Ideal first hand: Execute Order 66,Counterintelligence,Logistics and 0-cost removal.

Pairings: ePalp/eMotti - Loss (0:1) The first game with a very relaxed player Marek managed to play Bacta therapies in time, even in the fourth hand did not come schrched earth.

eRey/eKylo - Win (1:1) good matchup, opponent in the first round, he activated all the characters, and then I played Execute Order 66 to remove all his dices. Second round and I played Megablaster, and that was the end.

Mando/eSnoke/Mudtrooper - Win (2:1) round one oponent play Oly one upgrade on Mando in the first round I removed all his dices. In the second round he lost his snoke and with the help of the overwhelming power action snoke I defeate of all the characters.

eYoda/eBail - Win (3:1) My first action was a separatist embargo named Admiral. And each following turn, order 66 on Yoda's dice.

ePalp/eWatto/- Win (4:1) Playing with a very good player Ondra he got to the finals. I did not allow him to use Watto dice with order 66 and at the beginning of the second round watto dies. I win the game thanks to Scorched Earth for 9 dmg.

e4Lom/Massanger/Greavus - Loss (4:2) Even though I played fear an death men for 3 in all of his characters and I did a lot of damage to him, he beat Kallus and meet the Bounties to play two Pulse Cannons and that was my end.

TOP8 match - ePalp/eWatto (same player I met in round swiss) The first game from the beginning failed soon played 2x Force Storm and the force storm cubes fell only special and 3 pew had a small abilites so Scored Earth I only gained 6 dmg. I lost Kallus early although he had a lot of injuries defeated Snoke.

The second game was better in the first round I killed Watto and began to accumulate dmg on Palp. Despite the Separatist Embargo, Bacta Therapy was banned. He won only because he took the Battlefield unexpectedly early and let a lot of dice lie in the pool to get into Schorched Eart which only confirms his playing skills Loss (0:2).

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