Cover Missions Prime Winner, Roanoke, VA

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runningonion 1022

Tournament Report 8 players, no 5die villain, no bane, no palp, etc. in the field. So take these results how you want.

Round 1: Win vs Piett/Clawditex3/blockade He had a rough round 1 (bad draw, mulled 5, still bricked). I moved damage around, killed piett, then got his clawdites before he could fully recover from the bad round 1. 1-0

Round 2: Loss vs Kanan/eHera/eChopper I law and ordered Kanan's saber, but i didn't ramp well because of it. I killed chopper with both guys up and felt ok, but he ewok ambushed or insigated kanan with 2 upgrades at the top of a round and got exact lethal on my wookie (5). I was holding fortitude and a riot sheild at the time. He pretty easily finished Kes from there. 1-1

Round 3: Win vs eYoda1/eLeia(boush) 2 wide with heals almost feels designed to win this match. Tactical delay round 1 meant i got 3 actions at the start of round 3 and was able to spike Leia, then grind out yoda from there (though he put up a hell of a fight). 2-1

Round 4: Win vs Chopper Droids (5die) I traded chopper and half of c-3po for Kes, and then killed c-3po soon after to end up with a face off between my wounded wookie and R2. I dropped the LAAT gunship and rolled fire 3 times in a row (special, into 1 damage from wookie), and then was able to grind out the game with healing, fortitude, etc. 3-1

4 Player Cut Top 4 - Rematch vs eYoda1/eLeia(boush) I got tactical delay round 1 again and set up a very similar scenario to the first game to spike Leia at the top of round 2. Game 2 we played on mean streets for the first time. I ramped pretty well, but didn't do much damage and he had leia shielded, so i targeted Yoda first. This one was close to the wire for a while, and he had some blowout plays (deja vu -> flee the scene). Eventually i was able to spike Yoda and get my fortitudes out to seal the win. 2-0

Finals- vs Reylo Both games were very close. He played an aggressive version of reylo, and both games got a round 1 steadfast. Because of damage moving and healing, though, he couldn't burst a guy out. I ground it out for close wins, with Fortitude being an MVP. In game 2 I had both on Kes and he had 14 damage on him at the end, and this was after moving a ton of damage to the warrior and healing a boatload. 2-0

Final Thoughts. Shout out to Mishap Games. No entry fee for the prime, really cool store. Everyone was really cool at the prime, great guys all around.

The LAAT is a funny card. In a really competitive version it probably gets cut, but it is always fun when it hits the table. Law and Order was for Bane, and Dodge was for 5die. They weren't there, so it's hard to evaluate those cards, which i played one time total on the day. I think this deck is probably tier 2 or 1.5. Valorous tribe is Tier 1 though, It lets you look ahead to rounds 4 or 5 because it stalls out the game so hard, when alot of decks are trying to win in round 2 or 3.

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