A Phantom Menace - Readying Ghost

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Zahwen49 8

This deck is about Ghost, and to ready it several times per round, to give shields to both of your characters. Tutor Ghost from your deck with Armored Reinforcement. If you have drawn Ghost to your starting hand, tutor Merchant Freighter instead. Firstly activate Hera Syndulla - Seasoned Captain and ready Ghost with her ability. After that, activate Torra Doza - Energetic Thrill-Seeker, pilot Ghost with her too, and resolve Ghost's dice immediately with her ability. It's easy. Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder is here against DM. There's some action cheat to protect your dice, and to be fast. The big combo there's to activate Hera Syndulla - Seasoned Captain with Instigate, ready Ghost with her ability, then resolve Ghost with Impulsive and then activate Torra Doza - Energetic Thrill-Seeker. ;) Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

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