Veers Teaches Recycling

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Infrazed 9

Extreme dice control, removal and manipulation, with crazy resource efficiency. Ideal opening hand is two Sith Holocrons, Boundless Ambition, a blue ability, and an Outpost. Overall goal is to build Nightsisters to draw heat from General Veers so he can ramp into supports. Sith Holocron is there for resource efficiency to build Nightsister and General Veers. Getting Outpost out early lets you recycle your Sith Holocrons faster, and if you have Boundless Ambition in hand you can play a lot of blue abilities per round. If the enemy focuses General Veers instead, you should have enough resources by the time he dies to fully kit out the Nightsisters with upgrades and a couple supports, which they will now have to deal with. Early support goals are Outpost and either First Order TIE Fighter or Speeder Bike Scout depending on the deck you're playing against. Brutal mid and late game combo potential with Tactical Mastery. The Power of the Force can resource ramp you into AT-ST on round two with a couple of blue upgrades out and some recycled Sith Holocrons.

Worse case scenario you don't get the battlefield, but the deck is still very resource efficient, and the near guaranteed ability on Outpost still plays well on many of the other battlefields.

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