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clauberalex 36

A very good deck with some good synergies.

Bala Tik - Reclaiming Debts has some good die sides and a good health, although his ability will almost never be used (since it's easy for an opponent to simply discard his detected cards). Bing - Cybernetic Killer, on the other hand, has an awesome ability when paired with another detect characther. So just activate Bala (hope your opponent doesn't just play the detected card) and activate Bing to gain another action to possibly resolve massive indirect sides (since Bing can increase her damage sides by two each).

Mandalorian Jetpack is great with Bala's dice (and occasional Saw Gerrera - Ruthless Extremist you might face). Pulse Cannon and Vibrosword are great, since we usually can generate some good money. Stolen Datapad to protect those big dice. Kyuzo Petar and Vibrosword are just some good weapons, even though we don't have other melee sides in this deck, there's only one modifier side among these, so we just lose some speed.

Booby Trap depends a lot on what you're up against, but can finish off some games.

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rodrigodazuma 7