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Buffybot 295

I feel bad for the Wookiee, who is cannon fodder. But he helps to save the dream, so it's all good.

Mandalorian Jetpack was made for Saw. I'm a bit wary of him flying around with that tricky breathing apparatus, so might be best to give that to Satine.

But give the Vibrosword to Saw. He knows what to do with that. On him, those first 3 sides are worth 2, 3, 4. You can use Satine's and/or the Wookiee's reroll abilities on this die, not necessarily on a Saw die. You can also turn it to the 4 side with Chance Encounter if Satine is still alive, which she should be, being neither the cannon fodder nor the primary target.

Net Trap is useful against those troublesome Pulse Cannons and of course if you are up against Saw!

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