Jango & Nines: Armory Rush (4-2 ARH Release Tourney)

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TroaAxaltion 7

Deck focuses on making fast early money (utilize 0 cost bounties with nightsister lair or bounty hunter mask) to roll into an early Vibrosword or Riot Baton, then capitalize on tempo from there. FN-2199's PA is also really good for activating Closing In at the drop of a hat.

Also, I may've gotten rounds 3 and 5 mixed up? I was low blood sugar the last half and am writing this up the day after.

Round 1: eSaw / Chirpa / Ewok Warrior / eUnited - LOSS

This deck's damage output was fierce, and he rolled very well. I would strategize a little differently going into a match against him in the future. Still killed Saw, but got ganked by the 'woks.

Round 2: eTarfull / eChewbacca / Valorous Tribe - WIN

This one went to time, but even with the other side healing a bunch (like 4 times) and really going ham, I held my own and outpaced.

Round 3: e4-Lom / eBing / Closing In - WIN

I just managed to equip early and then outpace outpace outpace.

Round 4: eAsajj Ventress / eDengar / Closing In - WIN

Kept the removal on Asajj to avoid removal, kept the bounties high and the pressure on. Good old fashioned slug fest.

Round 5: eSecond Sister / eNinth Sister / The Inquisitorius - WIN

I hit 9th with bounties and kept the pressure high with Captured, setting up hefty removal and making it advantageous for him to activate 2nd when I had no dice in pool to turn. Avoiding that turning was key.

Round 6: eBala Tik / eDirector Krennic - LOSS

We both had terrible rolls. I hit the blank side of my first turn Vibroblade 4 times, and a modifier side when I was out of cash. His Megablater Troopers hit double blanks like 3 times too. In the end, just barely got outpaced in damage. Very close, like 5 health close.

Notes for the Future: Really like the cheeky move of abusing Modular Frame to make an extra buck with Jango as a A- extra set of Bounty Hunter Masks. The Jetpack is there to chain into the Vibrosword (play jetpack for 2, gain 1 from Jango, overwrite jetpack and pay 1 for Vibrosword on Jango at reduced cost) but the modular frame would do the same essentially while also allowing me to chain instead into Nines' riot baton.

Jetpack was just there as chain and useless otherwise, but other than that every card was wonderful IMO.

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Separatist Arkhan 166

Was fun to play against you ( I was The inquisition). Nice deck!