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Sinny 136

Deck Notes.

Clone Commander Wolffe - Staunch Strategist is elite. Arc Trooper Fives - ARC-5555 is non elite. Each card that is listed as 1x is actually 2x to make it up to a 40 card deck as you are unable to publish 40 card decks on here.

This deck is a little confusing because of having so many after you activate triggers, but once you understand the order of operations it is pretty straight forward (I actually bet I get this wrong and someone corrects me.)

The basic idea is to activate Clone Commander Wolffe - Staunch Strategist using his ability to roll in a Clone Trooper dice, re-rolling with Arc Trooper Fives - ARC-5555 ability and activate Rex - Clone Captain. If you don't control the battlefield you can use Rex - Clone Captain before you activate ability to spend a resource and take control of it and if you have Rex's Blaster Pistol activate another Character, let's say Clone Commander Cody - Loyal Strategist. Now moving on the second part of Clone Commander Wolffe - Staunch Strategist ability you can deal 4 indirect damage to your opponent. You now can use Clone Commander Wolffe - Staunch Strategist ability again with Fateful Companions to roll in a Clone Trooper dice re-rolling up to twice with Arc Trooper Fives - ARC-5555 ability and activating your last Character, in this case Arc Trooper Fives - ARC-5555 who also rolls in a Clone Trooper dice with 2 re-rolls. Finally you get to deal another 4 indirect damage with Clone Commander Wolffe - Staunch Strategist ability again.

So in a single activation, for the first action of the game you can dish out 8 indirect and have 4-6 dice with pretty reasonable damage showing.

Card Synergies. Besides the mess of an activation listed above there are a few interesting situations I have noticed this deck creates. Having Rex - Clone Captain on your team makes it seem almost pointless which battlefield is chosen and a lot of the time I find my opponents want my battlefield as they want more shields and sure don't want Clone Commander Wolffe - Staunch Strategist having any, this is a huge boost turn 1 for this deck, the extra resource means better mitigation for you and potentially a Fresh Supplies and Rex's Blaster Pistol turn 1 as well as Fateful Companions. Bendu's Lair - Atollon also helps with dealing the extra damage to compensate your opponent getting the shields or giving you that extra resource before activating characters which can really be clutch. Aggressive Negotiations is super powerful, it has potential to throw out a huge amount of damage which adds to Clone Commander Wolffe - Staunch Strategist crazy ability or it potentially forces a lot of removal keeping him alive. Depending on what sort of decks you expect to verse I would cut Rebel Assault for Electromagnetic Pulse but that's really a minor change though I do find a lot more decks running droids or especially vehicles in 40/40 and due to having space for more removal in my decks Electromagnetic Pulse has been finding it's way into many of my 40/40 decks.

Enjoy :)


claesebaas 1

@sinny. I think you should put Feint in this deck. Use that dirty Mr Wolff another time to activate while keeping an extra trooper die in the pool

Sinny 136

@claesebaas Feint is amazing! I ran it in my 30 point infinite version of this deck :) This however is Standard so I can't include Feint. I could change this to Infinite 40/40 but then I would be restricted to 1 of each card, the chances of getting Feint would be so low plus I would lose the ability to have 2 of each of the other great cards in the deck. There are however many Amazing red hero cards in the older sets so it might actually be worth checking 40/40 Infinite out for this deck!

Feral 2

Isnt this 39 points without the plot? 11 (Rex) + 11 (Wolffe) + 8 (Fives) + 9 (Cody) is 39, no?

Toek 27

Whats the infinite standard version? eWolffe, Cody, FIves?

Conor_King 1

^ Rex was point balanced to 10/13

lukusbiriyani 7

But that still makes it 38 points

Conor_King 1

^ Did you miss the title and long write up that explains this is a 40/40 deck?