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Raspujuan 391

He is back in business!!!

After the rotation to ARH, this deck lost too many robust tools to make the deck very powerful.

But with BD-1, Vibrosword, Nullify and few other new cards, maybe we can deliver good shit.

The "combo" is related to the Youngling discount and the PA of the BD-1 and Mace Windu's Lightsaber was one of the best ideas of the deck: you can BD-1 or the Windu saber and move the upgrade to Windu and overwrite with the PA of Windu. Boom! a shield and a discount!

With only 3 weapons with redeploy you need to protect the Boss, this is the reason to include 13 mitigation or curation cards.

Also, BD-1 is KEY to protect the master Jedi. What a badass card for this deck!!

Vibrosword that is insane: 4 cost, 3 at yellow, elite unique character: 2X 3X 4X +3X and 3 Discard. The discard side was also a very powerful tool to victory.

We had a shortlist of cards, who finally are not included: Padawan Braid, Near Miss, and Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle.

If you want, you can open the box of Padawan Braid used with Windu, with Protect the Younglings will be an approach to had a, if it is possible, more defensive strategy.

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