Faltering Reylo (FAylo)

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Norman 1

I've been playing Reylo for about 5 weeks now in the FA meta, including the entire December artificery league and top cut. The only change that has occurred was post the Jan 1 (or was it Jan 2?) holocron update that allowed me to cut 2x Breaking Bonds, since Closing In / Captured was nerfed. Captured going off is the death knell of the deck where otherwise it could be reasonably competitive against any other deck. It won an EG tournament one week in December, bombed on another because of getting Fling'd multiple times that night (really), and then 4-1 on the 1/7/21 tournament.

The deck operates on the principle that you're going to derive value from on-play effects and making great use of your specials. It ends up being essentially a Convergence-block trilogy Reylo that functions well in the FA-meta. There are zero FA cards in it, in fact.

A key card that is often under-estimated is Bloodletting. That support does massive work and so long as the opponent isn't on DM you're going to get incredible value. If it comes out Round 1, you're very thankful. Have a go with it. You'll enjoy the playstyle.

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