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Rainbow Count Jango - Aggro - Tempo 6 5 3 1.0
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Alper 33

TinyGrimes mentioned in one of his latest videos that he believes Jango is the Power House of the first set of cards. He also mentioned, that the best Jango Deck (from his point of view) is WITHOUT Veers. I thought about it and experimented with it... here is what I ended with. I like it quite a lot - even if it plays totally different to Jango / Veers - and wanted to share it with you to hear your thoughts.

First of all - who should partner Jango?

There are so many options, but there are not many options that come (close) to 30 points.

Jango Fett / Jabba the Hutt (or Bala-Tik?)= mono-yellow. No, this didn't work. Jango needs more ranged weapons. So put in something red.

Captain Phasma? Not better than two dice General Veers.

General Grievous? Maybe. We know that Tiny loves the General... but, again, I don't think that a one die Grievous is better than a two dice eGeneral Veers.

So, I ended with a cheap inclusion of one First Order Stormtrooper which left 11 points to spend.

What can we get for 11 points?

  • eBala-Tik? Yes, maybe.
  • Count Dooku? This is one of Tiny's favorites... and brings the Sith Holocron with it.
  • Kylo Ren? Yes, but strictly worse than Dooku.
  • Jabba the Hutt? Maybe, but I don't see the synergy. You roll Jango and resolve him. Jabba has nothing to add to him.

I came to the conclusion that Dooku is the best way to go. The reason is Sith Holocron as well as one of the best support characters in the game - named Count Dooku. The Storm Trooper is there to bring us two weapons for Jango - and support his ranged damage.


I started with the six blaster pistols in the game as well as the Jetpack. All were auto-includes to have a turn one option for Jango. On later turns, the F-11D Rifle as well as the Holdout Blaster could go on the First Order Stormtrooper thanks to their redeploy.

Then I added all the Sith Holocron upgrades. I think that, apart from maybe Immobilize, these upgrades are well known and don't need an explanation. I put Immobilize in for its shield generation and the "pressure" of having die removal.

I then decided that Count Dooku is also an amazing force user, so we won't need any lightsabers :-)

I know, this put me at 18 dice, but I have also 9 slots to fill and the Sith Holocron can do this very fast.

The only support cards are two copies of Backup Muscle. Why? If you don't know yet, just do it! And due to the Holocron, I felt no need for It Binds All Things, Drudge Work or Underworld Connections.

And then, I added eight events for dice manipulation and Intimidate. Because I believe that it is 3 straight damage for 0 costs in the current meta.

Finally, I decided that the Jedi Temple would be a good battleground as my events are very cheap and have a low ratio in my deck, e.g. the battleground won't help my opponent much but could help Count Dooku keep his punch longer in the end game. I'm not sold on the battleground yet...

What do you think? Looking forward to your thoughts!

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OttRod 9

I'm currently building a deck with these 3 characters without all the firepower. You really need to just outfit Jango with redeploy weapons and when he goes then the trooper is fully loaded. You can use the blue cards to do a control deck on top of this to really frustrate your opponent. Personal escort on Dooku would be pretty crazy as well.