Training Day

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None. Self-made deck here.
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eQui-Gon/eRey (Training Day Variant) 0 0 0 1.0
Sword and Shield 93 78 15 1.0
ReyJinn Cajun, I mean Jedi 0 0 0 1.0
Training Day 3 2 2 3.0

JustPlayRitchie 290

"Training Day" by Ritchie of

Video deck tech:

Gameplay Video to Follow.


pstalker 241

Admittedly I did not view the entire deck tech video, but I am curious why you chose not to use the Echo Base battlefield?

JustPlayRitchie 290

Skip to near the end think its the last card I talk about let me know what you think!

Lapahn 1

I opened two displays but didn't pull a single One with the Force, what to replace it with?

symbio 40

Thanks for sharing this, watched your excellent video review as well. I've been trying this out and really enjoy the deck and your card selections. I've been lucky to get out it binds all things early and get several upgrades early. I love getting shielded up and then being able to do damage multiple ways. Nice !

pstalker 241

I have been tinkering with Qui-Gon since pre-release and I still like him with Finn or Hired Guns. This unlocks two powerful yellow cards that help fuel Qui-Gon even more: Hunker Down and Diplomatic Immunity

Diehardlurch 1

our current meta is very heavy with eJango/eVeers and I ran this deck with no real success but I found the Battlefield to be my worst enemy as in trying to claim it was near impossible against this match up as holdout blaster was too powerful lol. I am going to drop back to Echo Base