Bala & 3 Troopers

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brinkman10 14

Mulligan your first hand to attain Drudge Work, Datapad or Underworld Connections. I've never had issues drawing an AT-ST... So I never keep it in my opening hand. However, this deck allows you to get an AT-ST out on turn 2 or 3 consistently. I typically will spawn my first AT-ST on turn 3 or 4. This deck can also do LOTS of damage with redeploy weapons if you do not draw any resource feeder cards.

Hunker Down is phenomal if you are facing a deck. Against a deck, I will equip Hunker Down to force an opponent to attack a different . I try to never "stack" a character with multiple weapons or upgrades.

Lots of control cards help your 4 characters live longer. Bala-Tik will always be targeted first. This deck is very efficient with 29 health points!

Disarm is amazing vs Sith Holocron or when you have an empty modified dice that you can't resolve.

Cannon Fodder helps disperse damage to all of your First Order Stormtrooper. It also can counter modified dice and leave your opponent frustrated! Flank is awesome and basically always available due to having 4 .

Endless Ranks allows you to extend the game. I typically will either Endless Ranks or add my second AT-ST in the late game.

Backup Muscle is a very strong yellow card that has great synergy with this slow deck.

You will never claim the with this deck. You have too many actions to use. But lots of control to staul to mid/late game. When your AT-ST and First Order TIE Fighter can take over.

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