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Truppel 1

I made this deck by scrapping what I could, and it works nicely.

The idea of this deck: This is a deck with some control and some damage. Depending on what you build, you can be dismantling tactics or making damage rain. Using this terrain is a double edged sword. You have 21 events, so you don't want to let your enemy Claim much, once or twice, ok, but if you don't claim much, it's just gonna hurt you. If you feel your play style is not the kind to reclaim much, then just go with Frozen Wastes or Emperor's Throne Room. Alternatively, if you won initiative, you can forgo the first round to let your enemy use the terrain and get those 2 shields.

Using this deck: The mindset here is, use the characters quickly, on your first action if you won't equip anything on him, do your actions, think, judge and analyze the enemy, so you resolve your dices that are there to be resolved, like Damage , Discards , Focuses(Or Foci if you fancy) and Specials . Some times, getting Resources or disrupting may be a priority to equip something, be ready to control with Disturbance in the Force, Deflect, or to setup a All In, but this is not the standard. Occasionally, you may want to Shield someone so he doesn't die or take damage for free, but by standard, shielding is the last thing you will do before claiming, and sometimes, by that I mean a lot of times, you will forfeit some shields in order to Claim. Remember, when using Jedi Temple, you are planning on claiming the vast majority of rounds. You want the Mind Probe equipped on Count Dooku to have more chance to force your opponent to discard his last cards, and/or the upgrades that Jedi Temple can't make him discard. You can bet on Close Quarters Assault too, but betting your game on one event, on the terrain that discard events is a bold move to do if you're forced out of options, not something to plan for.

On the first hand YOU REALLY WANT AN UPGRADE, because there's not many on the deck, so if you start with no Upgrades, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Other than that, you may want a Force Strike for some free delicious damage on Dooku, maybe on Use The Force and a Isolation for control purposes. So, first draw, if you get one or more of these events and no Upgrades, choose one(Judge by who your opponent is) and get another try at getting upgrades. If you get multiple upgrades, you don't want many on your hand, so you are vulnerable to discards. If you plan on going aggressive, a Lightsaber or Kylo Ren's Lightsaber is what you want, not both. If you want to go building stuff, Datapad is nice, and if you want control Immobilize is what you want. Mind Probe is nice, but unless you start with a Sith Holocron and the Mind Probe, you may want to give the probe back, unless it's the only upgrade you got, in that case, go for it, make a quick first round be sure to claim and finish with 2 resources. You DON'T WANT on your first hand No Mercy, Disturbance in the Force and The Power of the Force.

For the rest of the game, this is a deck to be Coolheaded, know your stuff will come, claim as much as possible(if you got your field, obviously) don't go using all cards, don't discard unless necessary(like, 3 misses on 4 dices is a situation to discard and reroll), and make your opponent discard all his Deck. Use Count Dooku's ability to preserve him, don't take damage unnecessarily, for if you claim as you should, out-surviving your opponent means he'll be eventually forced to do rash and forced decisions, and his deck will end.


Some opponents will ask for punishment. And when this happens, this deck can seal the deal with the offensive stuff. With Kylo Ren's Lightsaber, Count Dooku's free 2 damage on the dice, a Lightsaber, Force Strike, No Mercy and All In, you can sum up some really nice damage real fast do dispatch enemies. No Mercy is a real ace in your sleeve, if necessary be, with one 2 on Count Dooku, you can do instant 6 damage discarding the rest of your hand, what should be enough to finish an enemy and seize the match for you. And when you do this, you will easily Claim this round, seizing the control.

What to Improve: On Upgrades Get rid of some Events to put another Sith Holocron, another Lightsaber and a Force Throw. Maybe another Datapad.

On Support The 2 Power of the Dark Side are on the starter kit and I couldn't get a It Binds All Things possibly take one more event away and put one on the deck, put right now I would prefer to trade one Power of the Dark Side for the It Binds All Things.

On Event: Wouldn't change much. Nowhere to Run, Dodge and one Take Cover I would trade for some Upgrades, as I said above. Nowhere to Run is kinda expensive, too much situational, thus I judge it as unreliable. Dodge is again, expensive and Deflect is cheaper, gives some damage back, and although it doesn't get rid of all damage, if used wisely and in coordination with the action on Immobilize can really save you. Take Cover is nice, but what I experienced is, on the race to claim, you won't always have enough actions to go using this. One is good to have on the hand tough, is a nice and cheap card.

Well, this is it, any critic, suggestion, or comment you might have, please do, I'll answer as soon as I can, try to be polite, as I will always be.

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