Rebel Special Forces Pathfinders

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Military Catfishing! 2.0! 16 13 5 1.0
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Jonke75 13

This deck is a spinoff of Zayneths Military Catfishing 2.0

The list is basically the same but I wanted to keep the Surgical Strike to mess up anyone playing around their support to do their dirty work. I find that the deck cykles fast and you get so much Power for every resource spent. The deck is almost as aggro as Jango/Veers but has more twists, control and survivability. Still needs some tweaks as I cant find a reason to include Survival Gear any longer. Perhaps I'll insert another Surgical Strike.


WarTeacher 71

What is the purpose of Comlink? Just to reroll the enemy's dice? Seems like Datapad would be better to fish for IQA and Scout specials, and Leia/Ackbar already have focus sides.

Jonke75 13

Yes it's there to reroll the opponents Dice and provide more focus. You can never have to much focus. Datapad has two blanks and a special that lets you pick the special on the sniper rifle. But with this deck you prefer the +3 result in chainlink with the other Dice. The damage output of this deck when you have rolled Ackbar and the plays Hit and Run followed by It's a Trap! and then deals out 13+ damage in one shot is horrible to Watch. That was done with Leia and two DH-17 Blaster Pistol and Ackbar with IQA-11 Blaster Rifle on the table. And all my opponent was expecting from the Dice on the table was 1 resource, 1 blank and 1 discard.

Zayneth 269

I'm super honored! also I gotta second the usefulness of comlink. in a pinch you can even reroll your own dice if all in or trap aren't in your hand. I was also looking at surgical strike for more control and survival gear is a good choice for the swap. it is fairly slower in relation to the rest of the deck. again thanks for taking inspiration! I hope the deck runs well for ya!

Jonke75 13

Only tried the deck in 4 games so far against Vader/Jabba and Jango/Jabba, but so far it has been outstanding in performance.