Mono Yellow Heroes

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DreadFool 1

Infamous? Hunker Down instead of Diplomatic Immunity (also combos with Mos Eisley Spaceport)? I think you need something big, like the Millennium Falcon, to help leverage your extra money and for finishing. I'd also be keen for at least one Hyperspace Jump. I think you could live without cards like Datapad and Smuggling ... you should have plenty of money, especially with Play the Odds.

I had a similar deck early on. Ultimately, I ended up replacing one Hired Gun with a Rebel Trooper, which was more flexible, more reliable in terms of doing damage and opened up red cards. Didn't play it for much longer before moving on to other things, but it did feel like an improvement.

JustPlayIan 310

Surprisingly, this deck doesnt want Infamous. It started out as an Infamous deck, but the card is too slow early game - kills your development. Hunker Down is just a bad card.

Diplomatic Immunity is the "go big" card for this deck over things like the Falcon - it also plays well with the "too many HP to overcome" theme, and in any case, the deck does not have that many resources to spare - your cash goes on leveraging the HG's damage and making sure the DPS is flowing. Datapad and Smuggling both help with that, too.

I've also played a version of this with both 1 and 2 Rebel Troopers. It's less explosive and loses a lot of the survivability that makes this deck good, but it does give you access to a few extra cards to improve on the weaker stuff in here.