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ggtncb 2

The result of me tinkering at 2AM. Super controlling, but has issues with damage output. Halp.


Rugmouse 68

This looks really interesting. I like the idea of throwing the blasters and jetpacks on Bala, but also having Raider and Kylo pose a legitimate threat as a tandem. I wonder if using eKylo would be worth considering (rather than eBala)? Having more melee sides would give you more pressure from the Kylo/Raider pairing when Bala inevitably goes down (4 sides). One die Bala will still draw a lot of attention because of his game-changer of an ability. Plus, I think a lot of people are sleeping on Kylo - I'm really trying to find a list that brings out his full potential!

It would also open up some pretty neat cards such as Close Quarters Assault to limit opponent options and sides get rid of pesky Hunker Down shields more efficiently.

ggtncb 2

It's funny, I first built this deck as a janky melee build to make use of my 4 flamethrowers and it ran close quarters to decent effect, but as it evolved into its current iteration, it lost quite a bit of its effectiveness.

I'm actually using the eKylo configuration right now, as I'm still missing a second bala-tik and it's running fairly well, so I might keep it as is. I built another deck that I'll make public after this that has the same configuration, but seems to be a fair amount more aggressive. Feel free to take a look at that one and let me know what you think.