Anger Issue's

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HeyItsBR 62

Gramp's & his Grandson have anger issues. They help resolve them by cutting down there enemy's then basking in there ashes.

Uber agro deck with the emphases on attaching as many upgrades as possible while trying to keep the resource cost low to spend on events. Sith Holocron is key. I chose Immobilize to give some extra shields to Vader, That helps so he can force choke the #$@% out of his opponent's, And of course with the help from his temperamental grandson Kylo doesn't hurt either.

Please let me know how do you like my deck. And leave comment's or changes that I should make. Thx for checking out this build!


Dziuras 51

Too many upgrades and too few Events.

CWebber 7

i would take out 1 force choke and add in one the power of the force seeings as you have lots of blue upgrades in this deck.

HeyItsBR 62

@CWebber I will try that today. And let you know how it works, Thx for your input