3Strom/Raider Top 4 at Back2Games, Dubai, UAE tournament!

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Darthcaboose 2

"There they are, blast 'em!"

What happens when you open nothing but non-unique characters in your first booster box? You make a redshirt deck of course. The Tusken Raider is a good source of yellow cards and upgrades, which helps to import in even more damage, without him, you lose out on great sources of +damage like Jetpacks, Flame Throwers, and Backup Muscle.

This is just a 'quantity' over 'quality' kind of deck. Yeah, your Stormtroopers have 2 blank sides, but with the sheer number of guns and +range damage dice in the pool, you'll eventually nail a godly amount of damage on some turn.

Strategy: You have 4 characters to activate each turn. Don't stick any upgrades on them until your opponent has attacked one of them, then you can put the upgrades on the full-health one and keep those upgrades up for as long as possible. All of the cards in this deck help to either get more damage on the board, help to get the resources needed to play the cards, or do a little bit of control (Flank, He Doesn't Like You, Sweep the Area, and The Best Defense...).

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Darthcaboose 2

This deck is not optimized (I'd prefer more Jetpacks and fewer Flame Throwers), but eh, it's the best I was able to come up with a booster box and a bit of trading.