Phasma's Focus (2 time tourney winner)

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SSteady 0 0 0 1.0
Underrated Phasma (1st Place 13 Player Tournament) 18 14 2 1.0
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The Love Triangle - Store champion 5 6 0 1.0
First Debrecen's league thrid round winner 4-0 4 2 0 1.0

Roncamp08 472

I am usually very reluctant to post my decklists online, but since I have won all the promos I have decided to retire this amazing deck to try other deck builds. This deck has only lost once, and it was due to my own mistake. I chose not to play a Tactical Mastery in my hand thinking I would win no matter what, but my opponent decided to play a Tactical Mastery of his own to steal the game. Funny thing is, he was actually playing a Phasma deck as well.

How does the deck work? Phasma's Focus works like other aggressive decks, but also has a controlling side. You basically want to start off by placing your redeploy weapons on Bala-Tik to help take the focus off Phasma. If they choose to kill Bala Tik first you can just redeploy those weapons and the opponent really only got rid of one die. However, killing Bala is not as easy as it looks. This deck contains a plethora of controlling cards, Hunker Down, Dug in and a First Order Stormtrooper with a very underrated guardian ability provided by Phasma for free. One of the best parts of this deck is it's 3 focus sides provided by elite Captain Phasma and Bala-Tik. This is what makes the deck outshine other aggressive decks because it can put out consistent damage. If you are not putting out at least 6 damage a turn, then something is not right.

Phasma vs Jango Another popular deck right now is very similar to mine except it runs elite Bala and a solo Jango Fett. The deck is good, but it requires extra cards to do what this deck does for free. It plays cards like Cannon Fodder and The Best Defense... to get effects like guardian that Phasma provides for free. However, the main difference is it plays Jango over Phasma. Jango has a great ability, but a mediocre die. Phasma has a good ability, a great die and you get two of them! The other issue with the Jango version is you can kill their Bala pretty quickly and leave them with only 2 characters, each with only one die.

Elite Bala vs Solo Bala This deck can run either Elite Phasma or Elite Bala and I have tried both. The problem with running Elite Bala is that Bala can be killed pretty quickly, sometimes even on turn 2. You are better off using him solo to take better advantage of Phasma's superior die. In the games that people focus Phasma first (which is a mistake) you will be able to run all over them with Bala and his ability.

Matchups Not to sound cocky, but this deck really doesn't have a lot of weaknesses. I have steamrolled past many opponents and as I stated earlier, the deck has only lost once due to my own mistake. You beat other aggressive decks with this decks better health, better dice, and control. You beat control decks with this decks consistent damage and counter control cards of your own.

Why play that card? I have some cards that might not make sense, but I'll explain here. The one of Commanding Presence is an All-Star! I have even considered playing two, but you never want to play more than one of these. It has a red restriction, which means you can only play this on the Stormtrooper (don't do this) or Phasma (do this). What makes the cards good is it's versatility and powerful special. All the other upgrades are self explanatory. As for events, I play 1 All In, which actually used to be a 2 of. The card is amazing a works well with you focus sides to do a bunch of surprise damage. Playing 2 All In's is definitely a great option, but I found myself pitching them too often. You won't claim the battlefield often, but when you do the 2 Dug in are amazing. The card is just too good not to play even though you may not get to play it all the time. I will say that 3 character decks are on the rise, so claiming the battlefield is only getting easier. The last odd card, and the one I would be willing to take out first is Endless Ranks. The reason for playing this is obviously for a late game win in a close match. The problem is, most of my matches are not that close, and I haven't even had the opportunity to play it. Theoretically speaking, in the late game you will not be spending resources on upgrades and few on control, which means you can play Endless Ranks with all those resources to bring back a Stormtrooper for that final push. However, you might be better off taking this out for another All In.

Conclusion Not much else to say that hasn't already been said. I think Phasma is the most underrated card in the game and when more people realize her potential she will be all over the place. I hope you guys have fun with the deck and win some promos! If you have any questions let me know and I'll answer them when I get a chance. If you guys like the deck and description I actually have another deck I have been working on that might give this one a run for it's money.


H3pat1tvsJ 31

She's definitely overlooked because the only pairings she has right now are this build and Nightsister and yellow has all the ranged cards cough Jetpack cough.

If we get a yellow villain generic, that's 8 or under in SoR and it's ranged based, this archetype will likely take off. The additional guardian character will be even more effective against decks relying on modifier damage since you can control 2 die/turn if necessary.

If you do drop Endless Ranks, I recommend replacing it with The Best Defense.... I've consistently used that card with a trooper at 1 or 2 health and removed dice that would have guaranteed 5+ damage. Fantastic card and I can't wait to play it in my 3 death trooper deck. :)

revhellion 1

This is a pretty great deck. Sadly the cat is out of the bag on it, as I was experimenting with some similar builds this week for a tournament, but gave a few tips for how to rebuild it that I didn't think of.

I used it in the tournament and went 2-2. I should have been 3-1, but made 2 bonehead moves in my first game. Then the game I lost to eBala/Jango/Trooper as my rolls were beyond terrible and he God rolled me twice to take out trooper and Bala early. Otherwise I really really like this since you can fix bad rolls easily and have more consistent damage. Worked well against aggro & ambush decks and want to see how this does in future match ups.

I'd say Commanding Presence & IQA are expendable most of the time and could be replaced, as you almost never need them and cost is high.

Roncamp08 472

@H3pat1tvsJ I totally agree about The Best Defense.... It is great card and I actually played it in earlier builds, but didn't like the idea of paying life and a resource for its effect. However, the idea of using it on an almost dead Stormtrooper sounds awesome. I also wouldn't play more than one because the deck only plays one non unique. The Endless Ranks swap or even taking out the rifle would be perfect.

@revhellion I agree about the IQA-11 Blaster Rifle. I pitch it most the time and when I would play it the game is almost over anyways. So I could easily see swapping it for something else. As the Commanding Presence, that card is too good. It's a great one of that adds more focus for those All In moments and it's special has so many uses. One ovelooked part of its special is it's ability to remove an opponents red die. This card just gives you a bunch of great options.

revhellion 1

@Roncamp08 I see that, and CP has its uses for sure, just seems like a bit more situational, but I could totally see it being a game changer. I think The Best Defense..., Unpredictable, or All In might be a bit more useful than IQA Blaster.

Also, great job with thinking out of the box with this combo. Been trying to find some new character/card combos, so excited to see what else you post up here in the future.

H3pat1tvsJ 31

I'd drop the IQA-11 Blaster Rifle myself. I tested this deck a little after I finally got a second Phasma and I was trying to build an anti Jeers build and Endless Ranks actually helped quite a bit. I actually went 2 Commanding Presence just to draw it early and Underworld Connections for econ. Everyone likes Logistics but I've got to be different. Lol. Underworld Connections, and Speeder Bike Scout both help force your opponent to activate Jango himself. I've done damage with Speeder Bike Scout, had my opponent pass and I passed too. Sure, I didn't activate any of my characters, who had a few upgrades between them, but I'm doing damage and he's not. This was late game when Jango Fett had 3 upgrades, early game it's worth it to activate of course. This forced my opponent to activate Jango Fett and I promptly played Dodge on his excellent roll. :) Phasma turtle will be a thing I think...

Clucas 51

Made this deck the day before chrismas and think its a very good deck, have a Jango Fett/First Order Stormtrooper/eBala-Tik deck and like the faster pace in that deck but im playing the Captain Phasma deck and the both have there strengts

Clucas 51

I have been playing eBala-Tik sins the day the game came out, and very very very many people underrated him and still do until he gets to go 3 times in a turn, yes i have done that :-) I think the 2 best deck in the meta is Jango Fett/First Order Stormtrooper/eBala-Tik and e[Captain Phasma]/First Order Stormtrooper/Bala-Tik love playing both ;-)

sevink 8

I made a deck very similar to this. In my version I didn't add the IQA and opted for a Black Market instead. Sure it can slow the deck down a tad, but I find having it out, and alternating between activating my black market or my storm trooper allows me to keep the same speed, or go slower if I want to make a bigger one turn hit. It's been working very well.

revhellion 1

@sevink Interesting choice. Do you have just 1x Black Market?

sevink 8

@revhellionNo I have two Black Market, I dont know if its worth having two, although when it does come out, if you can control their dice, you can hammer them hard with it. If I wanted to add a second what would you suggest I remove? So far I'm liking the one

stingzor 13

I have to say, I failed hard playing with this deck. I know you have to get used to it in order to play better but man... Some cards were dead in my hand and trying to control the opponent die was a failure because of the amount of rerolls =(. Flank was good when it came out round 2 (twice), used it on Darth Vader 3 damage and an agressive turn 1 (1, 1, +2, +3) from enemy General Veers, but other times it came out late and First Order Stormtrooper was already dead. All In didn't shine, even when I had two focus and could resolve 6 damage. I wasn't able to play Commanding Presence at all. Can you provide a video showing a gameplay?

Scactha 836

I could see that @stingzor. The deck strains in two directions having loads of Upgrades, which slows it down, and events that try to speed it up. Add to that that it´s three guys, meaning you already lose tempo against two guy decks. All In is particulary troublesome as the deck has 4 sides. The same goes for Dug in which wants the deck to resolve asap, disabling you from playing the dice generating cards.

That said I belive the character setup to be better than the Jango variant as the free Guardian is very good as a starter. Going from there I´d rather focus on preserving guys as long as possible over speed.

Roncamp08 472

@stingzor Let me give you a rundown of how I usually play out my turns.

Early Game: In my starting hand I try to get any of the main guns (DH-17, F11-D, Holdout) or Jetpack if playing against melee guys. I will then spend my first 3 turns playing as many upgrades as possible (this is priority). Any extra resources are used for control when needed or support, but always play upgrades over these. A situation where this would be different is when an opponent rolls a bunch of modified dice and you can prevent it by removing their only non-modified die. I also use He Doesn't Like You early game to remove a blank (often Stormtrooper) to control my opponent. Logistics also helps speed up the upgrade process and provides extra resources for control.

Cards to pitch for reroll if needed: Dug in, Backup Muscle, Commanding Presence, IQA-11 Blaster Rifle, All In, Endless Ranks, and situational cards like jetpack if not playing melee guys. Remember, you don't have to pitch these, but I would pitch these over other cards if needed.

Mid Game: At this point one of your characters have probably died (Stormtrooper or Bala-Tik). This is when you can use your control cards a little more often and play upgrades like the IQA-11 Blaster Rifle or Commanding Presence. I also use this time to play Tactical Mastery or All In to finish off a character and claim the battlefield. This is also key because now you can play Dug in to gain those 3 shields, which is often game changing. I also play Backup Muscle mid game as well.

Late Game: At the end of the game it's usually a blowout or so close that it comes down to who attacks first. This is also where Tactical Mastery and All In shine and close out games. Backup Muscle is also useful in the end game. Use your control cards to stay alive if needed as well. As stated earlier, I have never had to use Endless Ranks, but this would be the time to use it if you need to.

Conclusion: Be proactive as often as possible. especially early game. Start being reactive mid game or when needed. Late game just depends on the game state. Pitching in mid game and late game are also all situational.

ddanblack 213

@Roncamp08 i assume you take mos eisley so that the other battlefield is always played?

Roncamp08 472

@ddanblack Yes and if they happen to beat my roll and choose mine for the shields it also won't help them too much when they claim. Also, I take mine when they are playing a battlefield that helps them a lot (Poe decks).

sevink 8

For me, I really find using the redeploys on the storm trooper to be invaluable. I'm also considering dropping the endless ranks, I find this deck to be very resource starved at times and I haven't had a good chance to ever use this card. I'm considering dropping in another All in. I think this deck takes a lot of finesse, but if you can weather their damage, you can hammer them extremely hard and they won't have very many chances to stop you.

Wosho 57

Was lf deck to play a week ago on a tournament after my eliote squad of trooper/trooper/sister/balatik failed me and i found that. Went 5:1, one loose was when my opp rolled really great plus had both intimidates in first turns. Endless ranks will be exchanged for dodge or block probably but other then that great deck, really fun to play and noone plays Phasma atm so additionall bonus points :)

Manzanita9 82

Thanks for he write up, good exolaination of game play.

Wosho 57

Best deck in the meta for me :) been playing it in top 8 of first season tts league with minor changes. You can watch it next week on twitch i think ;)