Poedme Hyperloop

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Derived from
Top Guns (aka the Hyperloop) 116 88 47 3.0
Inspiration for
Poedme Hyperloop 0 0 0 2.0

smichel 7

This is a deck based on the Hyperloop combo, but with Elite Poe and Padme instead of Hired Guns. The goal is to disrupt the opponent in order to assemble the combo more consistently. Elite Poe + Padme double refocus allow for better chances to trigger Poe's special ability, and several other cards in the deck allow for refocus or re-roll. Once Millennium Falcon is out, claim Emperor's Throne Room to trigger Falcon's special, either closing the turn with Hyperspace Jump or using one of the numerous yellow event for free according to the situation. Included several survival options for Padme so that Thermal Detonator can be played consistently. Scavenge allows to recycle Detonator, and can be cast for free from discard thanks to Falcon's special.

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