Leia'n Down the Pain

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acegard 447

Leia'n Down The Pain

This deck is fast. This Deck is consistent. This deck is deceptively mean. Two of the Rebellion's greatest leaders united to take down the Empire!

High-Level Deck Concepts

This is a fast, ranged aggro deck in a similar vein as Jango/Veers, Jango/Trooper/Bala... really, any of the Jango decks: Do lots of damage, claim the battlefield, rinse and repeat. But, although Jango with his Jetpacks, F-11Ds and other toys can do significant damage, there are often times where you just don't get the side you need: usually that base damage to trigger a whole chain of modifiers. That's where this deck shines! 7 with , including Admiral Ackbar's prodigious 2, and cards like All In and It's a Trap! help you manipulate your dice to exactly what you want. Leia Organa's ability even allows you to make use of sides on Leia's dice by rerolling some of your other dice! Traps and All-Ins combined with Hit and Run can make the deck killer quick and do some incredibly lethal damage out of nowhere. Do damage quickly and then claim Frozen Wastes at the right time to break your opponent's combos.

Deck Composition

You don't get the popular Yellow control cards like Electroshock and Unpredictable, but you do get Defensive Position, which is a card that wins games, and Field Medic which, in addition do Dug in, really helps mitigate some of the fragility of Ackbar. Daring Escape is on the "Flex" list - it's potent, but of course an RNG-bound card. I use it when my opponent's potent dice (Force Throw, Jetpack, Sabers, etc.) might already be showing blanks and I just want to make things worse for them. Remember, it is also an Ambush card, and one of my most potent, game changing combos occurred when I used Daring Escape to reroll an opponent's Force Throw, which landed on its side... and You know what that means!

You don't have a ton of upgrades, but honestly they are plenty - all the red and neutral blasters currently in the game: DH-17, IQA-11, and of course Holdout Blasters for straight up damage. Comlink for focus and the rerolling shenanigans (Neat trick: Overwrite a DH-17 or a Promotion to play the Comlink for 1, then Rearm the Red card back for free!). Promotion and Scout are two of my favorite cards in the deck for two reasons: First, they are excellent overwrite fodder for getting IQA's on the cheap. Second, they have that all-important Focus. Scout especially is a killer card, to get rid of all those pesky, game-changing cheap cards like Riposte, Ace in the Hole, Fight Dirty, etc.

Finally, we have Launch Bay. Super fun, super deadly, and a mitigation magnet! Leia can use her ability to reroll this die without dropping a card and decreasing its value, and of course you have ample to put it where you want. Of course, it is also compatible with It's a Trap!, and its side can come at unexpected times and really truly ruin an opponent's day. Just please, for the love of god, don't roll it out when there's a Force Throw in your opponent's pool. If you make that mistake, you deserve to eat it.

Opening Hand

Mulligan for Promotion, DH-17 Blaster Pistol, or Holdout Blaster, and cards like Defensive Position and Dug in. You want to go first and choose your Frozen Wastes if possible to get the ball rolling, and those particular control cards can save you from an early spike from Vader, Grievous, and their ilk. This is why I really like to fish for 1-cost upgrades in the opening hand: to play some upgrade, and hold the resource to play an event. I often drop Traps, All Ins, and Hit and Runs in the attempt to get them back mid-game, when I have some more upgrades on and I can make the most out of their awesomeness. That Launch Bay is obviously a mid-game card, unless you are blessed with some Logistics in your hand with it and digging for blasters doesn't actually get you anywhere.


With all the opening hand stuff said, I have won games without starting with a single blaster - as long as you have SOME upgrade in your opening hand, you should start relatively strong, as all the upgrades that don't have straight are loaded with to get Leia rolling. I stick my Scouts on Ackbar, and roll him in first, followed by Leia. I often hold Leia "In reserve," especially if I have a Hit and Run, and especially if I have a Hit and Run and It's a Trap! or All In - Ackbar can lull an opponent into a false sense of security with his low-count dice, before Leia comes in swinging from out of left field!

This deck runs a little lean on resources - often, you are Focusing or Trapping all your sides to damage, so Logistics and Rearm are your ways to build up a little cache. Don't be afraid to drop a valuable blaster for a reroll, especially that IQA! Rearming it over the top of a Promotion can get you that gargantuan gun for free! Use these cards effectively, as most of your events cost at least 1, and you really want to keep at least 1 on the table at all times. This way, even if you don't actually have an It's a Trap! or All In in your hand, you can threaten its use, which can make an opponent make poor decisions. Additionally, you do have significant sides that cost 1, so save where you can to be sure you're not caught out when you need damage.

Finally, read your opponent, and particularly, when it looks like they're ready to claim the battlefield. Remember, Frozen Wastes' die removal is one of your most potent and consistent control options for a fragile deck without the Yellow and Blue mitigation staples. Remember, your deck is fragile and leaving one or two damage on your dice unresolved is better than eating a lethal combination. Your two most potent defensive cards - Dug in and Defensive Position - rely on battlefield control anyway. Exploit it!


acegard 447

I wanted to make a comment about Survival Gear because I get that a lot: No blank sides is great, as are the sides, but I just find it to be not as fast as I want, and competing in the same slot as Comlink and Scout, two upgrades that I think are superior in this deck.

Pearl Yeti 920

Survival Gear definitely too slow. I run this same deck, except I don't have the Launch Bays (1 more Comlink, and a Dodge). I've been doing well in local meta, but might try out the Launch Bays to get a little more damage on the board for melee heavy opponents.

acegard 447

@pearlyeti I love Launch Bay, if for no other reason than when it hits its massive 5 side, your opponent throws their entire hand of mitigation at it - only to have upgraded Leia smack 'em for 5-7 damage anyway ;)

Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2179

Awesome, build, only major difference in my deck I built like this is i used commando raid just to help trigger ackbars ability. Also, making your opponent discard 3 cards can be huge.

Kaveth 1

Have you tested or considered eRey in place of akbar?


I'm going to try this, it looks fun! @Jmiahddixon what would you remove to add Commando Raid ? Also, @acegard As the originator of this deck, what do you think?

Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2179

@ARI5TEIA I would probably remove rearm, I dont feel like its very necessary in this deck. I just like commando raid because that extra 2 damage is nice ontop of the damage you are already pumping out. Plus It's that many fewer rerolls for your opponent.

Pearl Yeti 920

@Jmiahddixon Rearm is such a strong card in this deck, it has numerous strong plays.

Using it to grab a free Promotion to get that card draw to maybe get a Hit and Run, All In, or It's a Trap. I'll often overwrite a Promotion with a Promotion, draw a card, and then Rearm the Promotion to draw another card.

Discarding an IQA or DH17 to re-roll and then snatching it up for 1 less. Or grabbing a DH17 that got discarded to get back some red dice for It's A Trap.

Pearl Yeti 920

One thing I'd add is I was running this with Frozen Wastes for about a month. It usually worked great as I usually claimed first. But against Vader Raider it was a double edged sword. First half of the game it saved me from big Vader re-rolls. But once I had downed one of the Characters, they would naturally claim faster than me, taking out unmodified sides or focus dice and mitigating tons of damage.

I swapped it out for Mos Eisley Spaceport and instantly won a decent sized tournie going 5-0. It is one of those battlefields that doesn't have its claim ability used often, and honestly I'd rather have the shields. If I do wind up with my battlefield, I use it's ability to grab up a DH17 on a soon-to-be-dead Character. Two benefits of this are I now begin with 3 resources next round, giving me more options to keep that soon-to-be-dead Character alive, but I've also kept around a Red dice with a 2 damage side, keeping my Hit and Runs hitting strong.

Pearl Yeti 920

Last thoughts.... @acegard If I'm up against a Veers or Bala Tik I try really hard to mulligan a DH17 and It's a Trap, and if I'm really lucky a Hit and Run. With those cards you can consistently kill Bala round 1, on your third turn, which usually means Bala has been rolled out but hasn't resolved anything.

There is a slightly more complex way to kill Veers round 1. You need both DH17s and Its a Trap, which seems unlikely but somehow has consistently happened for me. Put DH17 on Ackbar, activate Ackbar, wish for a resource. Resolve the resource. Put DH17 on Leia. Activate Leia, and then It's a Trap!. A Hit and Run really helps this maneuver.


@pearlyeti, some very good points. The combo's you have pointed out are insanely good.

acegard 447

@ARI5TEIA in terms of Commando Raid, the card I would drop is either one Rearm it the Daring Escape - as good as they are, they both get less consistent use in the deck.

@pearlyeti, I like the Cantons, especially as you mentioned to pull up a blaster.it's just that Frozen Wastes has been huge in my games - Jango lists are all over in my meta so breaking those modifier combos has been killer. It might be a meta call for sure, as locally I don't see a lot of Vader/Raider.

@Kaveth I have not. It sounds like a good alternative, but the deck concept changes completely as you are no longer able to Trap, All In or Hit and Run as effectively.

@Jmiahddixon, I do love Commando Raid, and it's one I slot in and out of my flex slots (where one of the Rearm and the daring Escape sit), I just draw it unreliably when I have that showing, and Scout gets me more consistent hand manipulation ultimately.

Scactha 823

This looks real good and imagine it working well. Great job putting the pieces together!

I also like Hero Reds resource engine. It is real nice to smooth board development. Further it gives you speed allowing you to claim faster. I have a deck doing the same thing in Yellow-Red with Poe/eFinn, but exchanging the strategy for even faster card and resource gain plus better upgrades with the added F-11D Rifle and Thermal Detonator (Poe loves the last one).

A big thing is to go from the "buy one thing, roll dice and spend the rest of the cards on re-rolls" meta imo. This deck moves away from that. The one thing I´d change would be Scout into Datapad despite the latter not being Rearmable. The important thing is to have a impactful 1 upgrades (Scout is so and so until Jyn arrives imo) and there´s still 6 targets for Rearm left in the deck.

acegard 447

@Scactha, Datapad is indeed a very good card. However, I don't think it fits this deck at all. There are two special sides in the entire deck (IQA-11 Blaster Rifle and Scout) which means you can't efficiently chain the Datapad special without All In. You are right that it has impacted generation but with smart play I have never found myself truly lacking except when deliberately controlled, which Datapad doesn't really help with haha.

Pearl Yeti 920

@acegard, I took out a dodge and a comlink for the 2 launch bays to give it a shot. Did very well against a Vader Raider last night. He spent a lot of control round 1 to nullify my ranged damage, but I was able to use a Its a Trap on a resource dice to get out a round 1 Launch Bay. It having effectively 3 damage sides (Ackbar's ability) was really impressive. I am interested to see how it does against Veers, Jango and Bala.

Scactha 823

Er, it doesn´t say turn to special side. It says turn to non-damage ( or ), meaning you can turn up Ackbars 2. I´d say it fits very well :)

acegard 447

@Scactha I mean sure, that's just what it's quickest and most effective at doing - chaining sides. My problem with it in this context (even though it is a perfectly valid use) is since you need to spend two actions, you bet the opponent's going to do everything that they can to get rid of those good results in the time that it takes you to use them, and you slow down on claiming the battlefield as well. Perhaps I could see a single copy in place of one of the Rearms or the Daring Escape but I'd rather use, say, another Comlink to chain its 1 into Ackbar's 2, and then actually focusing to what I want, which takes one single action as opposed to 2. I get that Datapad is cheaper than Comlink, but in this situation Scout and Promotion have that 1 side that works just as well.

@pearlyeti that is definitely something that you can easily use It's a Trap! for - the generation! You can also use it to get a , then, because ambush, use that Focus to change to damage if you don't see damage on your opponent's side... it's so versatile!

Scactha 823

Well, Scout has 3 dead sides in the deck imo. The isn´t a strategy nor is , leaving you with the single and sides. The pad otoh has 4 (3x and the ) functional in comparison.

Your main problem is you're starved as you are locked out of the mighty F-11D Rifle and instead going for knock out with the Bay. I think that´s brilliant, but you need all help you can get getting those 5 . The Scout seems a lesser help there.

P.s. Just saw TFA again and noticed Poe picks up a blaster rifle out of Black One. Can we have Poe´s personal rifle in Hero Red please FFG? Thanks :)

Wosho 57

I was lf Jango/Veers antydeck a week ago and i thought what about Leia/Ackbar and its a trap. As we dont have a lots of control in red lets use the speed plus frozen wastes to control. Bam really nice deck was created. Looks like You were first. There are like 3 changeble cards here, but after You create this idea the decks creats itself. I was playing with Black one as he is a bit cheaper but not as impactful as launchbay, and as i like playing with cards noone uses i was trying with Retreat as pseudo hyperspace jump but i think its for another deck. Now i am waiting for some tournaments to murder all jango veers there :)

acegard 447

@Scactha we might just have different ideas on some finer points of how to play the deck. In my opinion, Scout only has two dead sides - the blank and the 2. Scout isn't about going for the mill, it's about getting certain impactful cards (Riposte, Fight Dirty, Armed to the Teeth, Ace in the Hole, etc.) out of my opponent's hand and gathering the information so that I am not caught off guard by unexpected plays. Additionally, I am never starved for resources when I don't want to be - the ample in the deck can Focus me to instead of damage when I want it, and there are plenty of sides to choose from - Ackbar, with 2, also generates at a pretty steady rate. Since I am locked into 3 blasters (DH-17, Holdout, IQA-11) in the deck, and always overwriting for the expensive ones, I am not spending tons on upgrades, and the Launch Bay comes out of its own accord. Additionally, I am not "ramping" towards the Launch Bay, unless a situation arises when I need it immediately, which is rare - usually once a character dies, around midgame, I have amassed enough resources without doing anything special.

DHaus 295

Hey man! I loved your write-up. Leia/Ackbar has been my main go-to deck for the past month. Even won 3 tournaments with it! It's so much stronger than people realize. Glad to see you're having the same success!

There are only a few minor differences in my deck compared to yours: -I'm playing Imperial Armory for my battlefield. With so many one cost upgrades, I've found it easier to save for that big Launch Bay by playing some free upgrades and reserving my resources for the next turn big drop. However, I do see the value of removal in Frozen Wastes, as we both know this deck isn't great at removing dice.

-Instead of Comlink I have 1 Datapad. I'm still iffy on it, but it does help early game to ramp up resources for the Launch Bay, and remember you can use its special to change Ackbar's die to the 2 focus. (During an All In play, it can be pretty great).

-Instead of 2 Rearms, I'm playing 1 Dodge and 1 Block. Maybe this is where Frozen Wastes comes into play for you, but I love having some extra removal in there, even if it costs a little much. I definitely see the value of the Rearms as well. (BTW - how psyched were you when Rebel Assault was spoiled from SoR expansion? It'll be an auto-include in Leia/Ackbar and continue to make it stronger!)

And that's it! I agree with every response you've been making. Also, I'm one of the hosts on The Jedi Trials podcast (DHaus). I'd love to talk more about this deck in particular, since we're both playing it so much. Maybe even have you come on the show sometime? Let me know!

Scactha 823

@acegardYes, I just approach the deck from a more aggro angle. Probably due to playing a similar deck with more aggro slant. There us definetly the merit in controlled discard and if you reach the Bay in a reasonable tempo anyway all power to you. The thing I like most is that the meta is developing away from 'a-gun-a-turn and spend the rest on re-rolls'. This deck is the next level. Great job.

acegard 447

@DavidHaus send me an email - asa@backtodials.com :) I'd love to talk about it! Living the deck so far.

gustavoeidt 1

@acegard Awesome deck! It's so good and cheap to build that I wrote about it for the brazilian community in my website. I hope to see more decks like this, that doesn't could perform very well using underrated cards. Cheers! www.swdestiny.com.br