Not even a glimmer of mercy

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Zemon 1

So, this deck has probably one of the most control elements for a non-pure control deck {which i find bad in this meta}. It abuses Sith Holocron just because it's a villain blue deck. The plan is to set up with gaining some resources in the first two rounds using force powers and focus on dooku to have high chance of doing that. Also you want to play Emperor's Favor as early as possible, as you can do more re-rolls and more damage prevention on Count Dooku. Try to spread the upgrades, you put force powers on one of the guys and lightsabers on the other making it hard for the opponent to decide which one to kill. You can start dishing out damage by turn 3 or 4 only to finish opponent off with Mind Probe through Emperor's Throne Room or just No Mercy someone to death using cards from Emperor's Favor

So basically, gear up- establish control, then kill them in like 3 turns or render them unable to win by killing the strongest character of theirs

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