New deck: Barrey Gun

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Baaa 1

Hi first time I've published a deck,

This is a casual deck that I've been playing about with and running. It's quite hard for opponents to take down with 3 characters and 28 health and the 4 starting dice give it a bit of a punch.

As far as the upgrades go, I think that I'd get rid of Rey's Staff for another DH-17 Blaster Pistol and possibly drop Hunker Down, but overall, I'm happy with them.

I think the Support cards give a few options to the deck and again I'm happy with them.

Events, I'm not sure if I've got these right and this is probably where most of my tinkering will go on.

Is it going to set the world on fire? Probably not, but it is fun to play.

Cheers Baaa

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