SWDESTINY.com TTS League S1 Champion - Enigma666

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Just another Han / Rey deck. 0 0 0 1.0

aasenb 36

It's definitely a strange deck compared to standard Han/Rey but I get why it worked well against the other decks in the top8. Congrats.

AstroLad 367

@aasenb interesting -- I thought the only strange thing about it was Street Informants, and even then not because it's a bad card but just because there are several good cards to choose from on the fringe (the guide identifies pretty much all of them). There are different H/R archetypes -- like much slower ones that play Awakening and/or double down on melee damage, so I get where you're coming from but this type of shell does feel like the best H/R against the current Vader/Jango meta. Focused Mill actually poses very interesting problems for it though, but the key for a Mill deck to beat this would be to focus on survivability for the Mill character, which many of the more popular ones don't seem to do anymore, being more hybrid Mill.

rmohler 477

Congratulations, Enigma666! I think the cost curve this deck uses should be more widely used in Destiny - I'm glad to see it succeed in this tournament.

Chased 1

Came back specifically to comment on the deck, I don't have the double One With The Force, but aside from that, I've had enormous success and fun playing this setup. I've varied it from time to time, and today I got to start planning what to do with my new acquisitions from SOR. Super excited to see what you'll do with the deck. I especially can't wait to see what you think of all the 0 drops in the new set. I predict great things with Premonitions.