Double Team (Artificery TTS Tournament Winner, 9-1)

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XeroHour 199


Kendomo 66

Just because this is has Command Center doesn't mean it's a mill deck right?

XeroHour 199

Definitely not a mill deck*

*Totally a mill deck

TinyGrimes 2308

Does this deck automatically lose to Han/Rey with their Starship Graveyard?

XeroHour 199

It doesn't automatically lose, but it is a very difficult matchup and definitely in the favor of Han/Rey. The deck can put out some surprising damage, but not to the extent Han/Rey can with the right set up.

soulkick 20

I love how straight forward this deck is built.

Is it completely dependent on the Holocron though? If you don't get it early, is this still a competitive deck? seems to me that damage completely comes from those blue ability upgrades. Unless you take the mill route I guess.

XeroHour 199

Holocron certainly helps out. But as long as you have upgrades in play, it doesn't really matter how they get there. You just have to make sure you have the resources to use mitigation cards. I won the majority of my games through mill, so it is definitely the primary win condition.

Xombie 7

How often did you play Power of the Dark Side throughout the tournament? Really like the deck, will probably take something similar to the pre-release this weekend. What are your thoughts on maybe a Thermal Detonator or two?

XeroHour 199

I actually tested with Thermals. I found the cost too high and since Jabba usually goes down first, the window to play them is pretty small.