Queen of Discard (Tourney winner and Tourney semi-finalist)

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Nookie 232

My variation of the Padme Patience deck, I have had some good success in tournaments with this. Taking 1st in a 13 person tourney and making it to the semi's in a 20 person tourney.

Most of the formulations I have seen of this deck don't have red in it, but playing red allows you to have one of my favourite cards for milling, Scout. It is a great low cost card for not only looking at your opponents hand but also getting rid of a card from it.

For your starting hand, mulligan aggressively to try and get a Scout, Datapad or Patience. Your goal is to try and get as many cheap dice out so that you can roll out and Patience your opponent. Generally place your starting equipment on Rey so that you can use the extra upgrade action to roll her out.

Never be afraid to use all your dice for Patience, it is how this deck wins, there will be times when you have Padme's special on the board and Patience in your hand and be tempted to eat all the dice but leave the special, don't do this. Even if you can pay to get the extra 1 card from Padme's special, you want to be done as quick as you can to get the battlefield and keep the advantage.

Playing this deck is essentially separated into three phases

Setup - Play equipment for a couple turns to get your characters built up to have a couple of good dice going for you.

Protection - At a certain point, your opponent will become a big threat (they have their equipment, lots of dice, etc.), this is when you switch to all controls through events, save your money to play electroshocks and other dice control. You should still be able to get cards out of his hand and deck through Patience, Padme's special, Rey's discards and the battlefield if you won the inital roll.

Finish - It is relatively easy to get a person's deck milled, the challenge comes in getting rid of their hand at the end. This is where Rey and Scout really shine. They will make it really easy to get rid of the last couple cards they are holding onto when they realize they are getting milled out.

Never be afraid to use the Trooper to guardian a hit, that's what he is there for, he has never survived a game for me but has taken plenty of hits that protect the other two.

Don't worry about leaving dice on the board, most times, if it isn't directly related to milling, I won't bother resolving it. If my Trooper rolls a 2 it really won't help me to hit the opponent with it. Instead, I will claim the battlefield because if it is mine, it gets rid of another 2 cards and if it is theirs, it takes it away from them and let's me go first next turn. Always remember, your goal isn't to do damage, but to get rid of their cards, I have never killed a person with this deck.

Final Notes: This key to this deck is actually Rey, equipped with datapad and scout, she will help the most when you get down to the final cards. Padme is almost like a decoy, on bad draws you can equip her up with cunning and other upgrades to keep her going but Rey generally does most of the work with her 2 dice and upgrades. Keep Rey alive with the trooper, Diplomatic Immunity if you are able to replace one of the 2 cost upgrades (like Jedi Robes) with it and all your event cards. Keep her alive, hit Patience whenever you can and you should do pretty well.


doctordredge 1

I've been working on a similar deck, but often have trouble keeping Padme alive against aggro decks. I like #Force Protection in this Deck; it helps keep you alive and also has 1 discard side.

Nookie 232

I could see the usefulness, I am always a little leery of using Colour specific abilities though, if they focus kill Rey first than I couldn't use it. You may consider running Diplomatic Immunity in yours because it can be played on anyone and only costs 1 more. That and running 2 second chances. Most of the time if I lose it is because they kill Rey first. That being said, I think I may test with one Force Protection to see how it runs.

NavelFlorange 1

I have been running a similar deck to this, but with Admiral Ackbar instead of the trooper. This limits Rey to only one die, but it gives you a few more resources, a 2 focus, and a discard. So you would have the same number of discards, more health, and more options with the focus/resources. Problem is, you cannot soak up damage like you can with the trooper.Not sure what you think about this team up?

Nookie 232

Hi Darksider, I think Ackbar has an interesting dice and abilities but I would be worried it might slow me down too much. And losing Guardian would hurt. I find most of the time when I play against good Aggro decks they blast through my Trooper first, which gives me a solid 1 to 2 turns where my primaries are left untouched. If they don't, they spend the entire game getting their non plus die getting eaten by him and messing with their plans. I never really intend to use the troopers die when it rolls out unless I think I have some time before I claim. If it's my battlefield I definitely want it first, if it's his, I'd like to take it away from him and go first next turn. Everytime I would roll Ackbar I would be doing it with the intent of resolving it, which could make my overall play slower. I find the less "things" I have to do in a round better against 2 character and Aggro decks.

I do think they will be a neat Ackbar ability deck that can be made in the upcoming set.

You should give the Trooper a try, I really think you might like how he does in a deck like this!

imsosick03k64 1

Similar to the first deck I started taking to tournaments, won the first couple, but after that, the decks the opponents got were better, I realized I started losing not due to my play, but just due to the deck not having the potential to even win. Ive moved away from hero mill for now, and feel like perhaps you winning, just like I did in the past, is simply just lack of quality opponents at first.

NavelFlorange 1

Nookie, Sounds like a great idea. I have a tournament coming up this week, so I may have to give that a go. Thanks.

doctordredge 1

I've tried a number of hero mill decklists: ePadme/Ackbar, ePadme/Qui-Gon, Padme/Rey/Trooper, ePadme/2 troopers, eRey/Padawan/Ackbar. Lately I've been playing with Padme/eRay/Padawan. I like that build although am working on perfecting it. I think Ackbar is just too slow and the opportunities to use his special are limited. My recent build includes Luke's Saber and Rey's staff with Close Quarters Assault to clear out the hand and Patience with Return of the Jedi to maximize deck discard. I can deal some damage with this deck if I have to. I've beaten Vader/eKylo and Vader/Raider decks by milling fast. However, I still have only won 1 game against a Jango aggro deck with any hero mill list.

wynalazca 252

This list looks very jumbled. So many 1 ofs that don't really make sense all combined together.

  • 1 Defensive Position?
  • 0 Dug Ins?
  • Close Quarters Assault and 0 upgrades that have melee sides? and only 1 copy? best case scenario this discards 2 cards from rey's dice.
  • 1 Flank but 2 Electroshocks? (hint: flank can remove all dice and electroshock can't AND has a spot requirement)
  • 1 Jedi Robes and not 2? (turn 1 Jedi Robes is HUGE so you definitely want 2...)
  • 0 Logistics? They which let you play more upgrades early and make your patiences more potent

I'm not going to argue over your performance, but this deck really doesn't seem streamlined to me.

Nookie 232

Hi Wynalazca, I generally have 1 copy of some cards in the deck because they are situational and don't find them to work to well all the time (just some of).

Defensive position: I had 2 but removed one due to Intimidate. It will sometimes help but depends on what deck I am playing. Most of the time by the time I need shields, I have enough dice control cards in my hand to handle them.

Dug in: Again, situtational, must have the battlefield or it does absolutely nothing. Most of the time I can claim but against fast players is not a guarantee.

Close Quarters Assault: this is in there to get the last few cards out of an opponents hand. It is only on Rey's dice true but since it doesn't remove them, it's quite useful before a reroll. I would have to remove too much other stuff to add in melee upgrades, this card on the final turn has won me more than one game.

Flank vs Electroshock: in my experience with this deck, Padme almost never dies, so I don't worry about the spot requirement. My problem with Flank is that it usually means you are ceding the battlefield to the other player. There aren't too many above 2 dice currently in Destiny so I don't often run into the problem of not being able to electroshock.

I generally use Jedi robes as a stepping stone to Diplomatic Immunity or Second Chance. I almost never actually keep it very long. if I had it first turn but had scout and Datapad, I would play scout, Datapad in Rey and roll her out immediately.

Logistics: it's interesting, but I am very rarely short on resources. Someone will usually roll one or two each round if I need them. Usually by turn 3 the two I get each turn are set aside strictly for my die manipulation cards.

Most of the time I find a lot of cards very situtational and not worth clogging up with a card that may or may not be useful, but with only 30 cards and the great mulligan system, I usuaully will get to draw the one I have before I need it. Dodge, for instance, great when you play a ranged aggro, but essentially a reroll when you face a melee opponent.

Your mileage may vary, but I've had pretty good success with it.

Longbombed 1

Haters gonna hate, Nookie. There will be players like this guy that will always think they have better ideas...

cecio83 116

Hi, very interesting deck, I wanna try it ;) Just some questions:

  • I think I will drop Disarm, It's very situational, in my meta there are tons of ranged deck, I can add a second Dodge or Hunker down...how often have you used Disarm?
  • If you lose initiative how is it difficult to mill without your Battlefield? Is it a good idea to use 1 cup of Hyperspace Jump to switch the Battlefields?

Nookie 232

Hi Cecio, the disarm is actually kinda weird in the deck. I have used it a couple of times against Jango/veers, Rey's two melee side works great to get rid of one of their starting blasters or a jet pack, but it definitely doesn't get used every game. It was a relatively recent addition and I may try and swap it out with something like an extra ambush or dodge.

I used to have Hyperspace Jump in there and I found I never played it. My reasoning behind it is, most times, the average game will last about 7 rounds. Plus, because it ends the turn immediately, you don't actually get to claim it the round you play it. So if you get it late game, you won't get that much use out of it, plus if Patience has done its job, you shouldn't need to worry so much about milling their deck. Combine that with 3 resource cost, means you have to come up with an extra resource somewhere as well. The deck seems to work best with most events costing 2, so you can play one big one per round (ambush, dodge) and a couple of free ones if you needs (unpredictable, scramble). That being said, there's a new SoR card that's coming out that is a 2 cost change the battlefield and use the claim ability immediately, that will definitely be going in here.

With all this, I would say give those cards a try and experiment with it. See how they work for you!

Necronom 1

I really like this deck. I've tried it recently and found out it's fast and very fun to play. After the SoR prerelease I was thinking about some changes. Except for New Orders you mentioned in your last comment, what do you think about adding C-3PO? I am also considering a copy of Loth-Cat and Mouse or two.

Nookie 232

Hi Necronom, glad you're having fun with it! Absolutely, I got a New Orders in the pre release and it plays fantastic, I've only put one in because it is very situational. When the full set comes next month I am definitely going to make some major changes and I think C-3PO will be one of those I try. Loth cat and mouse could be really good, harsh in they get to choose but super useful if they are showing a dice you just have to get rid of. Let me know if you try them and have some success with them before I can!

Necronom 1

Hi again. I've played a few games with slightly modified version and noticed a few things:

  1. C-3PO is very, very good. It's almost a win in the late game! I'm still not sure whether to put one or two copies.
  2. Loth-Cat and Mouse I find also very useful. 0-cost is what makes the card good.
  3. Close Quarters Assault is a card I really don't like here. I rarely use it (if ever) and most of the time it's discarded for rerolls.

sayguh 326

Hey Nookie, love the deck. Have you figured out how to modify it with SoR now in the mix?

Nookie 232

Hi Sayguh, glad you like it. To be honest, I ended up pulling two Emperors since SoR so I ended up playing that a bunch. I have made some modifications to it but haven't had a chance to playtest it extensively yet.

I have included Con-Artist x2, Lone Operative x1, Sabotage x1 (Just to get rid of imperial inspection), and Rebel x1. I took out Flank x1, ROTJ x1 (replaced with Rebel), Jedi Robes x1, Jedi Council x1 and Use the Force x1.

I plan on messing around with it to see how it holds up in the new Meta, and will definitely post back when I get some more games in.

sayguh 326

Great thanks. Thoughts on C-3PO, Maz's Googles, Force Speed?

Nookie 232

Thanks Necronom, sorry I didn't respond sooner but I must have missed the email notification. I actually didn't get C-3PO in my pulls (two R2D2's but no C-3PO), I really do wanna give that a go, glad its working out. I will have to give Loth a try and see how it works. Close Quarters Assault is one of those, it's up to you cards, I like having it in there because it doesn't actually eat the dice. If you end up rolling two melee on Rey, you can get rid of two cards from their hand before you reroll your dice. Can work especially well if you know what they are holding from Scout and/or they are down to their last few cards. But that being said, you always have to play with your own comfort. My usual deck building rule is that if I find myself consistently never using a card, might as well replace it in my deck!

SirToastsalot 7

Any update with SoR cards?