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elrathion 610

I have play tested a lot of different variants of this deck. It’s a hard choice between Starship Graveyard and Emperor’s Throne Room. The first gives you the ability to loop your important upgrades, the latter gives you the ability to guarantee a Poe special. At the end of the day I valued the latter more, and that’s what I ran with.

Anticipating that I would face a lot of Vader Raider and Bala lists, I wanted this to be a very defensive list. Hence the two field medics, two willpowers, two Jedi Robes, in addition to all of the removal. Now I know what you’re thinking: Why the heck would anyone include Jedi Robes. The truth is, when you get it turn 1 it can be a huge swing, and I felt including it might make the difference between Rey surviving or dying, as she usually is the focus. The inclusion of Rey staff also provides extra options to play defensive, as well is a good 3 for 1 discard option for Poe.

I was fairly confident that this was a great list for the current meta, and my playsets against meta decks had the stats to back that opinion.

Tournament Report:


jeditemple 1

I like it! I'm going to try it out sometime.

willfrye 195

I would trade Datapad for Comlink. It works perfectly with Poe's special. I've played this several times and I love Poe and Mind Probe together.

OSG_Whitenoise 1

Im curious why reys staff instead of lukes saber? You can get 2 unblockable instead of 1 melee if the reason being she has dmg for free vs having to pay on the lightsaber if your looking for the 1 dmg, why not just make it 2 unblockable? or maybe 1 of each card

Jorgyn Ryys 101

I think I am going to run this with 1 Lightsaber and 1 Luke's Lightsaber.