eDooku/Trooper/Bala-Tik 11 wins 1 loss in 3 tournaments

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Dooku Rainbow Balanced-Defense-Offense Tournament winner! 2 1 4 1.0
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Originally, Bala-tik was in but I replaced him with the more agressive Guavian Enforcer during pre-release. It was already a winning deck but after a 2-2 tournament with 2 losses against eoldVader/Raider, I had change some cards in it. With Guavian Enforcer, here are the results of my 3 pre-release tournament. First tournament, I beat ejango/trooper/trooper then 4 characters trooper/trooper/bala/nightsister then edooku/ekylo and finally eoldVader/Raider during finale. Also, during finale, the opponent put force speed on the 1st round and I had to deal with it with all my removal each turn except one turn I was not able and I did pay a lot, losing my trooper. Thanks to electroshock, flank, he doesn't like you and 1 block, I won and finished 4-0. Second tournament during the pre-release, I got Guavian enforcer again in my pack so I did the same deck. I had lost in final against eJango/Bala/Trooper so I finished 3-1. Then, last pre-release of the weekend, I won 4-0, beating ePoe/eRey in final after a close win against eJango/Bala/Trooper, win against ekylo/edooku and another win against eLeia/eAckbar. First tournament, we were 12 players, second tournament 32 and last tournament 26.

Is this deck fun? Is this deck controlling? Is this deck doing damage? Yes, Yes and Yes. It was not rare that I could do more than 6 damages in a round beginning at round 4. Backup Muscle helped me won minimum 4 games out of 11 and some were very close. Removing the Guavian Enforcer dice when it was blank to remove a shield was helping too. I can say that this deck was very understimated by opponents and they do not known which character to attack first. More than half of my opponent tried to kill Dooku first but only two were able and my two other characters had 16 lifes with 4 upgrades, thanks to redeploy and sith holocron. A Stormtrooper doing Force Throw and Mind Probe is always fun to see. Often , I got 6 points rolling the dice to decide who will choose the battlefield then I chose my opponent battlefield getting the 2 shields on the Trooper except I stayed away from the emperor throne room then my opponent got the shields and I used my battlefield.

Play this deck if you want to have fun and win often. Mulligan for dodge against range team or block against melee team. Put your upgrade first on dooku and if you get 2 sith holocron fast, put the second on Guavian or Trooper. Put the redeploy weapon on your characters who are attacked and have most damages. Put your mind probe or force throw first on dooku then the second one on the other character having holocron or dooku if not able.

This deck does not contain any legend at all. But, 4 starters are needed for the 2 force throw and 2 mind probe. Also, the 2 sith holocron, 2 jet pack and 2 holdout blaster are some of the most expensive rares. So, yes, this deck is costly. But, all the cards that cost much here (except sith holocron) can be played with hero or villain deck. I hate to spend on dice and cards I don't play. One other cards which could be put in this deck could be Thermal Detonator if you own one or two. Have fun! Excuse my english as I am a french speaking person not fully bilingual at 100%.

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