Phasma Bala Trooper 6-2 Top 8 at Stele Open 2017

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Derived from TTS League S1 Runner-Up - Wosho 7 5 0 1.0
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JekPorkinsRed6 27

This is the deck I ran at the Stele Open 2017, went 6-2 and made it to the Top 8. I originally created it after hearing about it on one of the Destiny Podcasts and then modified it so it was similar to the Wosho deck that was runner up in TTS Season 1 championship. After playing with that for a while I made a few changes. The first is a I dropped the Dug In's, I just don't play this fast enough to claim most rounds. I also dropped Tactical Mastery to a 1 of, since for me it was really situational and I didn't use until middle to late game if at all. In their place I added 1 Endless Ranks, and 2 Probes. Endless Ranks can be killer mid to end game and won me at least 1 match at the Stele Open. It allows you to be more aggressive with the Guardian, and it helps salvage Logistics if you don't pull them until mid/late game. Probe can be a game changer too, even if you don't discard any events it can be invaluable, especially with the discards on Phasma and On the Hunt. If you know your opponent has an expensive upgrade or support like Mind Probe, Thermal Detonator or AT-ST, and it is late in a round with a dice or two showing Discard, you have a good chance at getting rid of them.

For a starting hand I like to mulligan either for a combination of Holdout Blaster and He Doesn't Like you or DH-17 and Flank or Electroshock. That way I get an upgrade out and have some control as well. I usually throw the Holdout Blaster on Bala and the DH-17 on Phasma. With Endless Ranks in the deck, I am pretty aggressive with the Guardian for extra control. I think one of the strong points of this deck is most opponents have a really hard time deciding whether to go after Bala or Phasma. Personally, I think it is better to go after Phasma, as most times that I lose with this deck, Phasma goes down first. I really enjoy running this deck because there is a lot of control with the upgrades. If you are facing a melee deck, get Jetpack out as fast as you can and use that special to remove melee dice. On the Hunt is great as well because you can pay one to remove dice when you have the special showing, so it is like Electroshock but with the 2 or lower restriction. With Phasma and Bala both with focus on their die you can get those specials out a little more reliably.

At the Stele Open here is how things played out. First match was against Luke/Ackbar. Luke was able to take down Bala and the Trooper, but he by that point Phasma was loaded up and took Luke down. He didn't have any redeploys on Luke so I was able to take Ackbar out without any problems. The next match was Kylo/Nightsister/Nightsister and this was my first loss. I didn't roll well and when I did, Nightsister was able to take a damage to reroll my dice. It came down to 1 health on a Nightsister and 1 health on Trooper with only 1 card left in each of our hands, but he had a special showing on Holocron, resolved that for a Force Throw, paid the resource and ended me, so it was close. Time was up at that point, and he would have won anyway since with Bala on the team he did 1 more damage to me. Next was Qui Gon/Rey which was pretty straightforward. After that was a Phasma/Bala/Trooper mirror match. That one was back and forth and time was called. I was able to play the Endless Ranks, and that was what won the match, because I only had 1 damage on him and he had Bala and Phasma gone at that point with a 3 damage on Trooper. After that was Jabba/Dooku. This was a match where Probe really helped. I Probed him Round 1 and found a Thermal Detonator. By the end of the turn I had 2 Discard dice, and he only had 2 cards left, so I was able to discard the Thermal Detonator. He went after Bala first and by the time Bala was done, Phasma was loaded up and able to handle Jabba and Dooku. The last Swiss round was against Jango/Bala/Trooper. This match I got really lucky and every roll was straight damage most rolls. He had a lot of control in his deck but I was still able to take him down.

Top 16 was straight single elimination. The first round was against Jango/Raider/Raider. The hot dice continued and I was able to take out Jango at the beginning of Round 3. After that the Raiders put up a fight, but I was able to take them out without too many issues. The next match was against the same Jango/Bala/Trooper player and unfortunately this time the rolls were reversed and I couldn't roll damage to save my life and I went down without giving him too many problems.

Overall the Stele Open was a fantastic time and anyone who can make it should check it out. Next year they are getting even more space so there should be a lot of slots available, and the folks running the tournament did a great job of handing out cool swag not just to the winners but to everyone who came I out. I really like Phasma/Bala/Trooper because Phasma's Guardian ability gives you more control and I think her dice are better than Jango's. To me, although Jango's ability is amazing, it really relies on you rolling good dice and at least with Phasma you can continue to use the Guardian ability assuming Trooper is alive and you wait to roll him out.


cjnj193 163

How do you feel about replacing bala with an enforcer for when SOR is out?

Wosho 57

Gratulations and thx for mentioning :)

JekPorkinsRed6 27

@cjnj193I think that will be an interesting combination. It will give you another character to Guardian against and he has 1 more health than Bala. I think it might depend on the meta and how many 3 character decks are still out there. That extra activation on Bala, especially if you can load him up with a couple of blasters can be devastating.