Stele Open 2017 Winner - 9-1 - 7th in Swiss

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Conome 142

I've been captivated by this character pairing in Destiny ever since its release, and have taken variations of this list to two 25+ player tournament wins at my local store in Boonton, NJ.

My swiss matchups were as follows:

R1 - eJabba/2x Nightsister

R2 - eFinn/Quigon

R3 - eRey/ePoe

R4 - eRey/ePoe

R5 - Jango/2x F.O. Stormtrooper

R6 - Vader/eJabba

Top 16 - Corey R. (eHan/eRey) I've always won my mirror matches back home and am confident I can do the same here. Corey starts with control of the battlefield and shows Jedi Robes and Street Informants. He spots some dice control in my hand and plays around it, which allows me to claim the battlefield and recycle my ambush upgrades. His Rey is defeated a round or two before mine and I ride my health lead to victory from there.

Top 8 - Ernest P. (eRey/ePoe) I played Ernest in round 4 and received my only loss from him due to being greedy and not equipping my Second Chance immediately. Hit and Run into Poe's Special resolving OWTF 3 , then eating another Poe resolved Mind Probe for four and a IQA was enough to kill Han.

Keeping this in mind I play very defensively, opting to take my battlefield. Both Reys go down while I keep Poe's dice under control. Han's shield generation makes the difference as we go to time and I win on damage and with Second Chance on Han.

Top 4 - Riggs M. (eRey/ePoe) This was probably the most exciting and nerve wracking game of the top cut. I roll extremely poorly on the opening roll and have to play on Emperor's Throne Room. Riggs goes all in on killing Han early and nearly succeeds, thwarted only by me removing a blank Poe die to stop a battlefield claim, finding the Second Chance around round 3, and placing both Hunker Down on Han shortly after. I tear into his characters, using Rey's action economy to pull ahead. Time is called with Poe on one health remaining.

Final - Chad C. (eBala/Jango/Trooper) I've only played against this flavor of Jango once before, so I decide to kill Bala-Tik first and play around Jango's ability after that. I win the roll off and choose Chad's Rebel War Room. Unfortunately, Chad's dice betray him and he rolls basically nothing but resources for the first two rounds. Bala dies shortly after and I turn my attention to Jango. Chad still can't seem to find any notable damage, so I push my advantage and wind up using Reversal on my own Jetpack's +3 ranged to close out the match.


Luke 1

Great deck. Do you consider any updates after SoR? Any specific cards you want to add from new expansion?

cispiollohc 10

'Grats for the victory man! Only one question: why Rey's Staff instead of Force Throw? Less cost or there is a particolar reason?

Conome 142

@Luke I'm excited to keep updating this deck with SoR and think there are many ways to adjust the focus of the deck between shield manipulation, extra action generation, and controlling your opponent's hand and dice.

I haven't thought too hard about which route to go though. Even a card like Vibroknife isn't an automatic include over Rey's Staff for me.

@cispiollohc The most recent change I had was removing Willpower for both copies of Rey's Staff. Its special isn't as good as Force Throw but I value the three melee sides to help out Rey's damage in the early and midgame.

rmohler 477

Great playing with you, GIl. You won with style in our Top 4 game - I never noticed a hint of the nerves you mentioned in the write-up. Hopefully I'll get a rematch at the next big event in New Jersey.

Luke 1

what's your opinion about Force Speed? is this card good in this deck?

rmohler 477

I bet Fast Hands would be better than Force Speed, since it can gain ambush from Infamous. Force Speed might find a place in the deck, too, but I think there's a point where you need to consider adding cards that do other things besides make the deck play fast (if you are already the fastest deck).

Conome 142

Agreed on Force Speed @rmohler Fast Hands is something you could see on either Han or Rey. I'm more interested in cards like Protective Mentor.

krzykoopa 1

Regs Staff wins games!

5P33D 53

I know that you have won a lot of games with this, and I have never used the deck before. But if I was playing Han/Rey I would take out the Awakenings, and add another Deflect and Second Chance in case you don't play on the Starship Graveyard.

Howell 1

Why awakenings ? Just to use with Rey's dice ?

pantsyg 15

@Howell Jetpack, DL-44 and Holdout Blaster all have big modified sides that make sense for Awakening.

Reklawyad 65

I want to like Rey's Staff but feel that Jedi Robes is just as good if not better with its focus.

I've been piloting a Han Rey for a bit now and really we are only off by four cards. I thought Awakenings was crap at first but it helps out with all the modifiers out there.

I nf to add in the single reversal as well for a deflect, too many times Rey gets the axe before I can use it. I al out took out Heroism and Draw Attention, I seem to draw them the turn after I need them.