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Gameslayer989 424

Updated to 5.0: Removed it binds all things for logistics. The reasoning is that you want to resolve resources in the first turn or 2, and at this point I only have 8 upgrades on it binds all things. I'd much rather not spend the action playing the support, since less actions means more likely to get an imperial armoury claim

Updated to 4.0: Removed Launch Bay and 2x Use the Force, added a second deflect and 2x Hit and Run.

Alright I finally had to add a second deflect. The meta is just too ranged and aggro dominant. Removing the Launch Bay hurt me because now this deck cannot win by milling and I always love to have alternate win conditions for my deck, but it is just never necessary against the meta at the moment. I am also considering Close Quarters Assault for the chopping block in favour of something like Anticipate or Scout, but for now it can still catch people by surprise as a 0 cost card and so just barely deserves its spot.

I've decided Use the Force is a bad card for this deck now that leadership is gone. Use the force has 2 main uses: To counter an opponents Use the Force or to flip a die to a side after you know the opponent cannot do anything about it. This is great if they claimed the battlefield early, you can flip Ackbar to that double focus side and go to town, but in reality I usually get my focus results consistently enough that a simple discard to reroll is enough to fix a bad set of dice. This deck nearly always claims the battlefield first since Leadership no longer sucks up all the actions for a turn, so your almost never in that perfect moment to Use the Force. Instead I replaced it with hit and run. Man oh man why didn't I do this before? Combined with All in it just helps cement the fast, gigantic blowouts this deck is capable of. Activate Luke first, and if he rolls a focus you have a guarantee to get major value out of All in (assuming you have upgrades out ofcourse). If you don't get that guarantee, it's fine. Ackbar with 2 force trainings still has a good chance to get a focus side to ensure the All In combo works. Ontop of that the action economy is very useful for ensuring you get that battlefield claimed to use Dug In and Defensive Position. Ontop of THAT it's a way of cheating out a turn to break a hyperloop lock. Keep rollign luke and keep getting hyperlooped until he finally rolls blanks, opponent rolls and then you hit and decides not to hyperloop you and then you follow up with a hit and run all in. This does not make the deck good against hyperloop once the loop is in place, but now you have a possibility to fight back

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aheintz 15

This is my favorite deck to play. You have very good observations/insights in your comments. I'm not sure I agree with them all for my playstyle, but had certainly not considered them all. I totally agree about Use the Force, but at this point it's a slot filler. Thanks for posting this. - ASH