State of the Worlds Decklist Example: Phasma/Bala/Trooper

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Phasma/Bala/Trooper - FFG Worlds 2nd Place 22 13 13 2.0

Jason_SWGuy 14

Great article, really looking forward to the whole series. This is a best of a deck and I really think the how to play insight is spot on. Keep them coming.

Book 1387

Some questions after putting this together for league:

  1. On the Hunt seems so much more useful than Promotion. Could this be an even swap? Beyond Promotion giving you a draw, it is just so underwhelming beyond the focus side. On the Hunt is pretty clutch in Han/Rey, and offers another die control option without the restriction of Red Character only.

  2. I am finding All In and Tactical Mastery to be redundant in a way that feels off. I get the sentiment, but I honestly want a cheap, or free, efficiency card here, like Unpredictable--which can be clutch when you gave a modifier up but no straight damage. Maybe even Dug In. Thoughts?

  3. I was claiming quite a bit with this deck. Could Dug In just be more efficient than the slower Hunker Down? Since Trooper is there to die, things speed up quite a bit, esp. with All In.

  4. Logistics... I must be missing something here. It doesn't jive with All In. It isn't helping damage output directly (beyond allowing for faster upgrading on a turn--which is really kinda zero sum that turn since you are using a die to get a die.) How necessary is this card?

5.) I've seen a lot of tourney lists running a one-of Commanding Presence. This seems pretty decent with Phasma and all the easily overwriteable upgrades. Too slow? Assuming one kept in Logistics, this seems like it could be a pretty great inclusion.

Thanks! Looking forward to more articles!