Stele Open top 16 - eBala/Jango/Trooper

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Jango/EBala/Trooper 119 93 17 1.0
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5P33D 53

This is a really good Jango/Bala/Trooper deck. One thing I would change though is the battlefield. Even though you have Jango it is still a three character deck and you have Backup Muscle and Hunker Down, so the deck is not that fast. The battlefield that I use in my Jango/Bala/Trooper deck is Imperial Armory. You already have cheap upgrades and getting them for cheaper leaves you more resources for dice mitigation. Also, you aren't that upset when your opponent claims the battlefield, unlike with Separatist Base.

Kevinclong 7

@5P33D, I do like imperial armory but have not really found myself too short on resources and i have been able to reap some really strong benefit out of using the Separatist Base as the battlefield. I've realized that the way I play the list, I'd rather not roll in the Trooper sometimes and make a surprise claim. It also has tended to put Dooku players on tilt, which I like. I've considered using Mos Eisley so I could bounce back a jet pack or non-redeploy upgrade from Bala or Jango right before they die in case I don't have [armed to the teeth] in hand.

5P33D 53

If you claim the battlefield instead of rolling the trooper you're doing one damage. But if roll the trooper you have the potential to do two, and dealing two damage each round instead of one can really make a difference. The only deck that I currently own is a Jango/Bala/Trooper and I use the Imperial Armory and I really like it so that is why I suggested it. Another change I would make is to take out Dodge and put in another Dug in. Dodge is cool when you are playing against a range deck, but if you are playing against a melee deck like Vader/Raider or a mid range deck like Han/Rey then it doesn't really work. Also, I don't use Fight Dirty in my deck, I know that a lot of people use it but I don't think that it's very good. For example, if I have two Bala dice and one Jango die in my pool all showing blanks, if I reroll I have the potential to do six damage, but if I spend a resource to use Fight Dirty I am only doing three damage.