I'm Going to Miss These Two Bastards

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sruman 1

I am hardly the first person to post a eDooku/eKylo list but since the meta is about to change drastically and I am unlikely to play this deck again competitively I figure I should publish the deck that has served me pretty well. Overall, it has a 70% win rate in tournament play (17 / 24) and I think it's the best 28-pt deck in Awakenings (for what that's worth). The deck has remained fair consistent over time with the following cards being flex slots:

  • 2nd Mind Probe: You'll often see similar lists with 2 mind probes and it's awesome to get with the holocron for free but outside of that situation I think it's sub-par upgrade for the cost.

  • 2nd Light Saber: A last tournament switch to drop from 2 sabers to 1. Once Binds was gone then paying 3 cost for a normal saber in a 2-character list became usually too high of a cost during a game.

  • Dodge: With 2 deflects, the other dice mitigation cards, and the control upgrades dodge was often not used even against aggro ranged decks so it's more of a safety blanket card.

  • 2nd No Mercy: The deck fluctuated between 1 and 2 copies of this card with every tournament. Sometimes it was MVP and other just a dead card throughout. The 2-cost and fact that Dooku needs cards for his ability make 1 vs 2 a matter of play style I think.

  • 2nd Isolation: Initially slotted 1 for Han/Rey then it seemed that Dug In's were being played nearly every game by my opponents so I went up to 2 of them and never looked back.

  • Use the Force: I really don't think this card is very good at 1 cost with no ambush and rarely ever used it, however in a single-set, single color deck you start to need to include mediocre cards.

  • Close Quarters Assault: Basically a funsy's card but can be crucial in some later turns to cut down aggro decks re-roll potential (or hit a fellow Dooku for that extra damage)

One significant change I made in the last two tournaments was swapping Binds All Things for Enrage which I definitely think is the right call. The synergy with Dooku is very strong and having access to that Force Throw or Kylo's Lightsaber on turn 1 is huge.


Brystrom 184

I too have loved running this deck and have had a lot of success with it (top 4 in every tourney with a couple of first place finishes) also don't think it's going to remain viable in the new meta. However if Poe winds up being very prevalent Kylo's special could really pay off.

sruman 1

Agree, he might be nice soft counter. I have played some test games with Ventress and she seems an equal but perhaps not better fit for Dooku.