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rmohler 477

I'm partial to On the Hunt over Promotion. It still has the modified sides, but trade the focus/shield/resource for a discard and a reliable way to deal with shields.

leandrock 7

Yeah, I spent some time thinking about them. IMO promotion action to draw a card is very strong! And focus, shield and base resource to help Jango modified resource is also welcoming. I just feel like these are better then the on the hunt special and a discard. Thanks for commenting on that one, I'll keep an eye on it on my future games!

John Solo 1

Q - Do you find yourself using the Claim ability to your advantage most of the time? or is it coming back to hit you instead?

I have been using Jedi Temple - I also keep the Probes as well, this add for more discards and playing it against Mono Blue is awesome as they cannot control me as well as they want to.

leandrock 7

Hi, John! I've test played this deck only against 3 char opponents. So I got advantage of the battlefield most of the time. I'll try Jedi Temple, it looks like it is an interesting BF to discard some dice mitigation events on opponents hand. I'll definitely try it out, thanks!