ePhasma, Bala Tik and Stormtrooper

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Underrated Phasma (1st Place 13 Player Tournament) 18 14 2 1.0
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Jono 1

great deck, versatile and capable of coming back quickly. at the start I always roll in Phasma. if you get a Jetpack I'll sometimes roll that in turn one. then roll in Bala or grab damage on the storm trooper with guardian. hunker down is great on the storm trooper. I also love to load up the weapons on the storm trooper first to lure them to kill him first. weapons are then moved to Bala or Phasma. there is a ton of control here too, the key is to try to do at least 4 damage turn one and at least that or a kill the next turn. before you know it if Phasma is alive due to guardian from the trooper and the redeployed weapons on Bala making him the next target. if Phasma is your last character alive you'll win. she is deceptively powerful. I won a tournament with this deck going 6-1.

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