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Book 1375

I played a fella the other night on Tabletop (IronChef) who had a deck that inspired me to sit down and make my own. I have played a half dozen games on TTS with this and not lost a game, or even come close, against a wide variety of decks. More testing needs to be done, and there are a couple cards I may drop, but right now this is working beyond well.

At its heart, this is a choke deck on crack. Wexley is a lynch pin in the deck. With both Poe and Snap having disrupt sides, you try and get rid of your opponent's resources. This makes playing upgrades and other cards that cost anything no longer a viable option. Once you choke them out, you leave a single Snap die out, and try and claim to Carbon-freeze one of their threats.

Ideally, you want Wingman in your opener, placing it on Snap. You want to get out your dice and try and disrupt as soon as possible. This is a more than reasonable plan with Hit and Run--esp. when you have the aforementioned Wingman.

Poe is there as a diversion, as well as some muscle. This deck isn't like many Poe builds that rely on the special cheating out monstrous damage. Sure, we have two U-Wing and A180 Blaster, but the shenanigans start getting in Holdout Blaster territory after that.

The deck is quick. Cards like Collateral Damage, Bombing Run, and Guerrilla Warfare allow you to get some extra oomph out of your rolls, needling away at your threats rather than trying to land some unrealistic massive turn--though those can happen, too.

Mostly, you will be trying to resolve as many of your dice and then claim. With Planetary Uprising, this means you are doming their team on the regular. With your battlefield, you are also taking away options--this is especially cruel on decks with lots of non-elite options. But you want to try and slowly upgrade Poe when the opportunity is there, making his rolls more formidable and likely to land some damage.

The deck also has some situational control cards because, well, that's the only options red really has, right? Rebel Assault is very specific, but effective. Suppression allows you to trade damage for control--this is very good with Overkill on a meh roll. Field Medic extends your game.

I am not playing Defensive Position because the amount of action cheats out there is absurd. It's just not as good as it once was, even when you are claiming all the time. Dug in also has taken a hit with the popular Vibroknife. The truth is, the deck is explosive and disruptive enough that you can push your advantage, choke them, and course correct as needed. Additionally, because you really want to try and speed up die resolutions, C-3PO just didn't make the cut--I know, I know, but I am pretty sure this is the right concession.

I decided to go whole hog on the strategy, thinking there is no way this would function well, but to my surprise the deck is good. Like, really good. Just know you aren't going to be playing the more traditional Destiny we all know and love. Expect to claim with dice left in your pool. You may never get Poe to do his thing and cheat a U-Wing into play. Sometimes the Wookie support card is the only thing on your turn that makes anyone bleed. And many times, you will just claim on your turn and manage to kill their last guy with them having no outs :)



Weirdneal 7

One suggetion; replacing Holdout Blaster with Scout. Costs 1 less, has Focus and Disrupt sides, and it's special is great for this deck in that it can remove those 0 costs events that your disrupting won't have an effect on.

Also, though it's a bit win more, maybe add in an Outpost. Has 2 disrupt sides and allows for the diabolical double carbon freezing chamber.

Book 1375

@Weirdneal Outpost is too slow in this deck. You want to get a lot of dice efficiency and roll out quickly. Sure, it can work well, but we have enough disrupt sides. As our plan is to win via needling them with the occasional big hit, Scout doesn't help us to that end. It like will be another action that will slow down claiming and getting uprising.

Sectick 1

How are you dealing with Vibroknife decks? I've been trying to build something similar but with vibroknife going under shields snap is almost always dead by second turn if I can roll him out first and get a disrupt off.

Book 1375

@Sectick I'm 17 games into testing this and have one loss thus far against IG/Death Trooper. They rolled max damage mult times and, alas, I was not. I managed to kill IG and get Trooper to 8 damage. Against melee decks, I have been doing pretty dang well.

Part of why I am not bothering with shields outside of U-Wing is for the very reason you mention. The key is trying to go first, get that Wingman out, and disrupt the dickens out of them. From there, you just have to know when to apply pressure, and where.

In short, I have not noticed any significant weakness beyond the obvious: Snap has 8 health and Vibro is very very good.

Scactha 805

This strategy can also be implemented by Han / Wex. On another note I´m increasingly cold on PU. That it is untargetted makes it quite inefficient. Apart from that I think it´s good design that we can have a both fighty and controlly deck based on , which this deck captures very well.

chazz 28

I'm finding the disrupt weak on non Hit and Run turns. Even with wingman they can just spend them on upgrades first. Snap needs Fast Hands to really shine. Thoughts?

Book 1375

@chazz I see your point, though resources being available all turn is often what players want. I'm 18-2 on TTS, my second loss to FN and teenage Vader. They managed to put out a ton of damage and the match wasn't really close--though I killed FN.

As far as switching into yellow, I suppose that could be a thing. The deck is not using Poe like most decks built around him. I quite like a number of the cards I'm playing, though Suppression, Rebel Assault, U-Wing, A180, and baby blaster could be something else. I'd prob drop wingman for fast hands. Might be better. Might be worse. Might be different. Hard die mitigation would be nice.

chazz 28

Han/Snap might be a thing though you'd lose the explosiveness of It's A Trap. But you'd pick up A LOT. Plenty of red cards have ambush too to get Han shielding. Maybe not as good as Han/Rey but with more consistency perhaps. Or perhaps Snap/Baze is mono red is important to you. Better damage than Poe and his special may be more relevant in this deck.

Book 1375

Alright, 22-2 with this silly deck on TTS. Lots of close close games, but, man, there is something to do this build. Some notes:

Suppression, you are not my friend. I am cutting you. We need more die mitigation, so I am trying out Defensive Position for a bit more high impact removal--since we are claiming like all of the time.

Some other thoughts, in place of this, would be Comlink--which does give us a weak weak option if we hit Poe's special.

This is the only card I am not digging--Suppression. There is a sadistic delight in using Guerilla Warfare to ping a character, removing your last Snap die, then claiming--with Planetary Uprising...

borghe 295

@Book Suppression is a fairly poor card in any deck looking for damage. Really it's just a poor card. Where I see Suppression working best is in a strong control deck that has an errant Range side. Better to remove a die with that Force Throw side than have it Deflected or Friendly Fired back at us. But in a deck looking to resolve range sides it definitely sucks.

Weirdneal 7

Took this deck to a local Swiss tournament on Friday and went 3-1 (losing in the last round to ePhasma/TIE Pilot/Trooper by the slimmest of margin).

I agree with you re: Suppression. Every time I used it, I hated it. I'm going to be switching these out for Defensive Position b/c in all 4 of my games, I think the other players combined only claimed the battlefield 5 times thanks to Snap.

Also, I'm going to put in a lone C3PO to help Poe's dice out. Too much time spent rerolling on him, want to get that reliable damage through.

Book 1375

27-2 with this on TTS. @Weirdneal Defensive Position often works as 1 die removal, but that is a helluva lot better than suppression. Also, I cannot imagine a turn where I am playing, rolling, and using C3PO and keeping the claim priority in my favor. I understand your point, but to me it reeks of "slooooooow."

borghe 295

3PO is amazing but has to be played in a deck that doesn't claim.

pantsyg 15

Put this deck together because I've been looking for a decent disrupt deck. Pretty pleased with results so far through a very small number of games; I may take it to a low-stakes local store event to run the gauntlet this week. Poe/Maz, Vader/Traitor, Jyn/Maz, and Qui-Gon/Rey are pretty common at the shop, have you played against any of those?

I agree re Suppression, not as good as hoped because you often need even Snap's piddly 1 ranged to activate big bursts. I'm on the fence about U-Wing and may cut it for Promotion, as U is pretty much only there for the errant Poe special while Promotion can help ramp guns out. Also I'm torn on A180; it's got the disrupt, but I rarely find time to use its special, if I'm able to get it out at all. Considering Rocket Launcher there for consistent damage.

While playing, I often wondered why I wasn't running this draw deck with Ackbar and Leia over Poe and Snap. It plays many of the same tricks for damage, losing out on the disrupt sides, but for more consistent overall damage from Leia's die and Ackbar's focus plus errant damage from his ability. The disrupt can be handy, but as noted without hard removal eventually you lose the choke and then the damage race. Cut U for Promotion, Bombing Run for Defensive Position, and Suppression for All In and you've got a deck that's slightly less disruptive but more explosive.

Han/Snap might be the tankier version of this deck, since you're not leaning on Poe's special and it's often another blank for you, plus you get access to Fast Hands and excellent removal in Electroshock and Loth Cat. Wingman is tough to give up though!


So I have a love hate with It's A Trap. All these force decks running around. Yes getting a resource or two is nice, better than a discard or blank. It is the one cost for a card that has a about a 1 and 3 chance of even being relevant. I know fodder.

Book 1375

@pantsyg U-Wing is insane and works well with the splash damage that cards like Bombing Run also generates. It's there for opportunity, same as A180 Blaster--I don't think I have ever played this other than on Poe's special.

Promotion is not even close to either of these cards. Sure, it can give a focus, but it is slow, bc of the diff results, and just not in line with this deck. Scout is way more in line with the strategy, and I don't know that I would play it.

Bombing Run lets your disrupt turn into splash damage, like Collateral Damage turns your damage into disrupts. This is consistency. Further, when you wanna claim a lot, and you wanna claim a lot with this, you want events that improve resolving dice. Cards that do not do this equate slowness, which equates not claiming.

Ackbar/Leia is a different deck. This deck is not an All In build at all. Your disrupts pose a threat, which in turn allows you control and time to resolve as you need. I honestly might play 2-3 upgraded per game and I have been winning a lot.

pantsyg 15

Fair points @Book. I'm taking this (-Suppression, +Defensive Position) to a small event tonight to check it out. I'm tempted to swap Rocket Launcher in for A180 or find a way to straight add it, as many turns Poe's specials feel wasted except as bait for opponent's removal. Like you I've never found time to actually play the 180 out.

I'd also love to find a way to sneak a Dug In or two in there, but I'm not sure where they'd fit.