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Piffo 67

Deck based on the wonderful "Never for Attack". It has multiple ways of dealing damage/controlling the table thanks to the combination of upgrades and events. At the current state, it's a work in progress deck to optimize damage output and reliability of the combinations. The following analysis is a modification of the original description of the deck, adapted for the most recent changes to Jedi Schoolcamp


While Qui-Gon is a sure-hitter, Rey needs more effort to become a viable damage dealer trough upgrades. While Lightsaber and Luke Skywalkers' Lightsabers have been a staple in the previous iterations, Spirit of Rebellion allows Rey to solve one of the issues that i found in this deck: lack of unmodified melee dice if you have an all-shield roll with Qui-Gon. To have more damage dealt by Rey, the key is equipping her as fast as possible with at least 1 Vibroknife. Obviously, all the other way of dealing damage are still valid, such as Riposte, Willpower, Qui-Gon's passive. your eyes can deceive you and synchronicity are great ways to sweep away low-health characters, or go in for the kill using Synchronicity first, solving the Shield die/dice on Qui-Gon and then Riposting the shizzle out of your opponent!


It's all about shields. Shields shields, shields. Do not rely on One With The Force's 3 Damage sides too much, use its shields and focus to protect Qui Gon and/or strike with an amazing 3-shields Riposte. Usually Qui-Gon will be the priority target of your opponent, with the aim to reduce the deck's offensive power. Shield him up, and bait your opponent in believing that every turn you'll use his ability to deal damage.


in the original deck, Use The Force, Force Throw and Deflect allowed to mess up our opponents plans whilst enabling our own damage dealing and/or game plan. Now, Your Eyes Can Deceive You for the very affordable cost of 1 makes opens a new strategy for Rey/Qui: mitigating damage through damage dice removal. Scared of that very nasty aggro deck? Force the opponent to reroll its activating dice, or remove that scary discard 3 face from Jabba/Blackmail.

(quite) Ridiculous Economy and Ramp

Taking out Datapad has been a tough choice, but the more I played, the more I only used Datapad and Comlink to reroll or as a "discard bait". You don't need them, if you manage consistently your resources. Keep in mind that even if Jedi Robes is a just a brick to build up to One With The Force or Force Throw, it resources and focus side are super useful in the first turns to gather resources. Are you scared of Rey's dice in early game? You should. Make a good use of those resource sides, and accumulate a few extra resources, so you can slap one more upgrade.


I've been playing against most types of decks, and so far - obviously with daring tactics, some bluffing and a lot of luck - I've managed to play against many different archetypesand it proved to be solid against both eVeers/eJango, Jabba-mill, Vader Raider. It's quite though to play against eSnap/Maz/Amidala, but the new events from Spirit of Rebellion give more control power to this deck. Again, your eyes can deceive you and synchronicity are great ways to sweep away low-health characters like Maz! The word for this deck is: malleable. Find your way to deal with your opponent. It's all in your deck, you just have to plan in advance your turn. Find the strategy and stick to the plan!

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