eJyn/Maz - Cunning ConArtists

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PDJR_Alastorn 33

This deck has yet to be playtested - that shall be done in the coming weeks.

The Cunning/Con Artist combo works well since Cunning can proc Con Artist further. You really only need one Con Artist out on the field for this deck, but since its such an essential card, I put two in the list.

Villain Mill can also make use of Cunning/Con Artist but my thoughts are for the ability to survive to include the Second Chance/Ammo Belt repetition that is currently viable.

Jyn's ability to reduce event cost means that with Cheat, you can pull Second Chance or Ammo belt back out of the discard without having to claim (there is a 33% chance Jyn is going to give you the die facing you need to fire off cheat). That combined with New Orders also allows for Starship graveyard to be put back into play to benefit you. There are multiple routes to keep your hero's alive.

Maz is included instead of the usual Ackbar/RebelCommando/Red Hero since to fire off con artist and cunning, a yellow hero is needed: thus it makes more sense to have two yellows to me. If Jyn was paired with Ackbar knocking out Jyn would be the lynch-pin - and there is no way to use Second chance to keep Ackbar alive (without using cargohold, which is unpredictable).

Maz also allows for quicker action - Roll in Jynn, Roll in Maz, fire off Maz focus or Maz's Goggles Focus to turn specials or Jyn to mill as appropriate.

I included Datapad as this deck has some expensive upgrades (overall) and since you want to get the cunnings and con artists out as soon as possible, more money is better. That being said they can even be used late game to have their specials turn cunning or con artist specials and then resolve immediately.

Weakness of this deck is there are only 6-7 control cards, the plan is heavily reliant on taking the damage to the chin and using Second Chance/Ammo Belt to survive. Though if early mill and discard is successful, you can prevent your opponent from ramping up too much.

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