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I finally recorded a video with the deck, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htfGjez4On8&lc=z13ycz1rqmqgy1vmd22wepmjfze1ubnmj

I'm still a little torn on New Orders vs. Hyperescape Jump since Jump gets me out of a real problematic turn, especially against Palpatine. I do like being able to grab the claim effect though. It's a really tough decision.

I think the other one-of in this deck should be Field Medic, Dug in, or Friends in Low Places. Currently it's field medic, but it does have the ability to win you some games. Dug In is a little weaker in the Vibroknife world, and cutting it would be one less card that requires us to have the battlefield, but we should have it most of the time.

General play strategy is to mulligan for Fast Hands, C-3PO and a PoeThrow target. I try and always roll C-3PO first, but sometimes, like against Unkar Plutt, you might need to just push Poe out there.

I usually won't play any of my upgrades save Holdout Blaster on whoever is being targeted. If I have a ton of resources and an opportunity to play DL-44 to remove an important Die I will definitely take it - I usually put the gun on Maz, especially if thye've already damaged Poe.

Planetary should be used sparingly. I never just run it out if I have 2 resources in case I need to resolve Poe's 3Rr side. I will however drop it after Poe's dice are gone. Sometimes my opponent will immediately claim when I play it, but that should be the only chance they get to claim the entire game.

I would love to hear comments. This dek is VERY customizable and there are so many choices that go unexplored. Let me know!

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