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Dissinger 150

Welcome to the deck! We have a lot to discuss. First and foremost is the fact that this is not your typical deck. You will need to work at it to pilot it. It will require you to read the situation and what your opponent is capable of. Be careful, as opponents can be sneaky. You're gonna need to think on your feet to get the drop on them.

Serious Bzns

First, never make the battlefield Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin if it's avoidable. This decision will save you all the headaches, as the point is never to allow its use against you. There is one copy of New Orders precisely, for this reason, otherwise, chuck it for rerolls you should never EVER have the chamber as the active battlefield.

Now the WHY.

Look at Ascension Gun then back to me, then back to the gun. Now it's a carbon chamber! That's right; the Carbon Chamber will come back to bite you in the butt if you make it the battlefield, take your two shields and accept you will be second. Use Ascension Gun to lock down a character dice as necessary. More on how later.

Use Discards to trigger Ackbar, and build to burst damage. If they're smart, Jyn will be left alone, if they haven't figured you out, Jyn will go down. Whoever they focus first, put Lone Operative on the other. After Lone Operative is down your next move should be Ascension guns on the Lone Operative. Use the A180 Blaster on your dying figure to keep up pressure. The Unblockable damage or shields, it doesn't matter. What is important is that you maintain damage.

Here we go!

So why all the dice removal? Because your dice are going to either hammer them, discard their hand, or play upgrades, and you need a way to survive. While an aggressive deck would call that enough, your events need to make sure that before your first character dies, you have either winged a character or dropped them. You're setting tempo at this stage, hit hard and fast. If the Fish bites it accept your fate, that two damage will have done its job a couple of times by then.

If Jyn bites it, congratulations the con is on. While you lost some free economy, you need to keep up pressure. Here comes the secret tech, with Threepio out, you now have infinite Lone Operative and Ascension triggers. Roll out, see which you need and use Threepio to trigger the one you need most. The droids also serve one important function. They will allow you to delay having to roll out until you need it.

The Planned Explosion is your ace in the hole. If you can pull it off with anyone it's Jyn. If they took the fish down, you can make sure he didn't die in vain. Two Ascension Guns and Jyn can get you to 8 with some luck (roughly 10% chance), if you can manage the full ten however, blow up a character and end their threat before they get started.

I've yet to blow someone up, but I hear it's satisfying.

Oops, you failed.


talism 35

Feels like your not really using Jyn Erso - Reckless Operative ability to its fullest. ill have to give it a try and see.

Dissinger 150

What do you mean by that? There is six cards in the deck to trigger with it. Do you have examples of actions that should replace them? I'm being honest here, as 20% of the deck is cards that interact with her ability.

Is there actions I should be running instead? I'm trying to understand the comment.

talism 35

well your missing Reversal for a start, that card can but a 6 point swing if you hit a 3 or