A Trap You Say?

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Mono Red ITS A TRAP! (High Win Rate, New List) 33 25 19 1.0
Inspiration for
Leia/Ackbar Gunslingers (Top 4 Q2 OP Common Ground Games, St 1 1 3 1.0

DirtyCitrus 111

Wingman is the star of this deck. The goal is to get one in your opening hand to roll in all your dice as fast as possible. We want to resolve quick and make use of the battlefield for control. In some cases we can make use of the new red control cards like rebel assault and suppression to help keep our characters alive.


Zenclix 1

I have been playing a close version of his deck as well and am loving it. With Wingman it can be lightning fast and pump a lot of damage (even without "It's a Trap"). Since it can claim so easily I have been using the Carbon Freezing Chamber battlefield for additional control to good effect.

staglore 14

Have you tried Planetary Uprising in this? I played a similar deck, and just having one on the table good. If you get both out, it's just... savage!

DirtyCitrus 111

@Zenclix i will give this a shot. My worry was that losing a die at start of the round would hurt me quite a bit. I went with Frozen Wastes because i can usually resolve all of my dice before my opponent gets a chance to respond.

@staglore I'm thinking of dropping promotion for planetary uprising. Just worried it will make my opponent want to claim faster.

Zenclix 1

@DirtyCitrusFrozen Wastes is strong of course. You are right, some decks (ePalp for example) may be able to claim faster, but I think the majority of the time this deck will claim first, so personally I am okay with the risk of losing a character die once in a while. It's not so terrible if you have 2-3 upgrades out already.

@stagloreI thought about Planetary Uprising of course, but personally just decided to focus on more mitigation events (2X Evade, 1X Parry, which have really helped).

The past couple of games I also added Rocket Launcher, and have not regretted it!!