The Long War

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Gearjock 140

This is a hand discard/mill deck. You make the game very hard for your opponent to play when he has no cards to play. Everything you do should revolve around mill and survival. MAYBE you have some bad rolls and you accidentally kill off a Tie Pilot but that means you've been rolling or drawing bad. C-3PO gives Jyn Erso - Reckless Operative 3 double discard sides to her dice and is what helps to make this deck work.

Explanation for some deck decisions

1) Why Admiral Ackbar - Perceptive Tactician and not Rebel Commando who has more health? Admiral Ackbar - Perceptive Tactician does a lot for you. He gets you money which you DESPERATELY NEED early game. He also has double focus which in turn makes Jyn Erso - Reckless Operative get double discards. He also has a single discard which helps your overall mission. The fish works hard for you before he inevitably dies.

2) Why Maz's Castle - Takodana? It lets you dig. This deck only works if you get Second Chance. If you don't have it in your opening hand then EVERYTHING you do should revolve around finding it. It is very common for you to claim, draw 2, not like what you see, and put all remaining cards at the bottom of your deck just so you can find it. Ascension Gun is a must if you don't get your battlefield and you don't find Second Chance.

3) WTF, Don't Get Cocky? Sometimes in a pinch you need to dig even harder for a card and this card will save you. Other times it has the amusing effect of letting you discard more of your opponents cards. With C-3PO out and an upgrade die on Jyn Erso - Reckless Operative it is very possible you'll be able to discard 5-6 cards. Your opponent may claim the battlfield with no cards in hand and you're showing a discard side. Just smile, play Don't Get Cocky, and mill them that little bit extra.

4) Why 2x Lone Operative? Red Villain decks are running Imperial Inspection. It will make you cry and probably lose the game. Drawing into a Lone Operative and replacing a 1 cost upgrade with it will give you a much better chance of survival.

Opening Hand/Mulligan

Opening hand you are looking for Second Chance, C-3PO, and then either 1 of Infamous, Maz's Goggles, or Scout. If you have NONE of those AND your battlefield is not chosen then you may keep an Ascension Gun.


90% of the time your game plan is the same. Get Second Chance. Get Ammo Belt. Use Rebel and Cheat to bring them back. Make your opponent hate the game.

If you're playing against Palpatine - Galactic Emperor or Darth Vader - Sith Lord consider using Reversal liberally and using Rebel to cycle it. Throwing those big dice back at them does a ton of work. Shoot First is particularly amazing against Palpatine - Galactic Emperor by removing his big dice and giving you something to do with a wasted die result (a Ranged damage). Against other Blue Villain decks consider keeping a Disarm in opening hand to discard a Sith Holocron. If you can do this you'll really slow down their damage output.


Gearjock 140

Going to be replacing 1 Shoot First with 1 Con Artist. Con Artist helps to speed up the game greatly and should be the one piece of gear Jyn holds onto into the late game unless vs. Imperial Inspection. Also, Shoot First is a bit situational and only helps to mitigate damage for one round (as opposed to Disarm which has a permanent effect) at the cost of a valuable dice.

willfrye 196

I do not want to play against this. Second Chance Ammo Belt is such a toxic combo. It creates a bad experience for everyone.

Gearjock 140

All the other top decks out there are generally focused on killing your opponent as fast as possible. They also tend to involve some sort of action cheating where you create a situation where your opponent can't counter your dice. This deck (and others like it) revolve around me absolutely having to draw into Second Chance as fast as possible. It also requires me to spend 4 resources to get it going. Imperial Inspection and Disarm partially counter the deck...and those aren't even pocket pick cards. What actually kills this deck even more hard is counter-discarding its hand. Discard my recursion cards from my hand and now you've stopped the chain. So yeah, I like this deck and I don't think there is anything wrong with the combo because it can be stopped.