Cost of War

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kbfresh147 71

Test deck trying to make use of Han's high value sides and the range/disrupt synergy to make use of Snap's ability. <- Edited and expanded upon


chazz 28

Could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the whole point of Snap is to take Planetary Uprising? A few sub optimal deck choices that you'll filter over time as you play but I definitely think these two will do good work together.

kbfresh147 71

@chazzOh that's a mistake on my part, I definitely actually have it in the decklist I just omitted it here. What are the cards you could see being dropped? Obviously looking at the list as is, that many single copy events is going to lead to some inconsistency in play and like you said, some cards are sub-optimal but I put them in as sort of placeholders to start a discussion.

Enfantterrible 176

I've been considering a eHan/eSnap list for a while, and think it can make for a really powerful deck that can hit your opponents either as a midaggro deck or win by attrition.

As said above, Planetary Uprising should be an auto include. I also think you need less upgrades. Right now your hand will be over flowing with them. Stick with Holdout (ambush/redeploy), DH-17 (cheap), DL-44 (ambush, but expensive), and either overkill or jet pack. If you go for the latter, remove 1 Improvisation and 2 Outmaneuver to make space for Planetary Uprising and Infamous.

Remember that it's a trap only works on red dice, so not so effective in your deck!

pantsyg 15

Cool deck. I've been playing a lot of Poe/Snap, and Han/Snap seems like a natural progression for even faster disruption. Planned Explosion is an interesting call, but could work well if you're able to get your big guns out early. Depending on whether you tilt your upgrades more toward red or not, it could serve better than It's a Trap for this deck.

Some thoughts:

-Planetary Uprising should be in.

-If my experience with Poe/Snap is any indication, you'll have a hard time playing upgrades that cost 3 or more. I'd cut Bowcaster for that reason. DL-44s are worth it for the ambush and removal effect probably. I'd also keep either Overkill or Jetpack, not both.

-Since you're on the disrupt plan, 2x Bombing Run should be a must for you.

-You need more ambush for Han. Guerrilla Warfare is a great pick for that purpose and will speed up claims while dealing damage. Salvo will probably be too expensive most turns.

-Consider a control battlefield, like Carbon Chamber or Frozen Wastes. These will allow you to remove dice without having to use your deck slots on control cards, if you can play to claim consistently.

kbfresh147 71

@pantsygI ended up making a bunch of these edits and it definitely makes a difference. Key changes:

  1. Got rid of Bowcaster and Overkill on the upgrades list. I was already thinking about dropping Bowcaster but the suggestions just sealed it and while I like Overkill, it just fits better in a mono-Red for bigger It's A Trap plays.
  2. Carbon Freezing Chamber over Separatist Base. It's a nasty control play that helps so much especially in the early game when Snap is most effective and in the most danger.
  3. Dropped Salvo, Hold On!, Salvo, It's A Trap, and the Outmaneuvers for another Bombing Run, Guerrilla Warfare x2, Infamous x2, C-3PO, and Planetary Uprising x2. Definitely feels like it's running a bit more streamlined now although that many supports is something I'm still not really sold on. Improvisation I think will actually be a key card moving forward, there are a surprising amount of blanks and they come up quite a bit so being able to keep cards in hand longer will be helpful especially against the much more prevalent Mill decks out there. Planetary Uprising is awesome, just unfortunate that it costs 2 in a deck like this where it feels like resources are at a premium.