ackor2.0 palpatine slayer

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Farstone 1

Winner of 5/17/17 tournament at Van's CCG

simple concept, and great in the local meta that seems over run by han/rea players and the big money decks of Palpatines.

Most people agree with everything but the Res HQ and natural talent. The HQ is a good way to cycle your hand every turn for value even if you get to damage off early, but don't play it over your upgrades. Natural talent is nice because it can buff a discard for surprise Acbar damage, or help to focus a bad roll. once people see it in use it effects how they discard/reroll, and use removal; creating residual damage

playing this deck is simple. turn one hard mulligan for DH17, Promotion, and wing man. try to set up as best you can. Try like all hell to not have all in, its a trap, or hit and run in your hand. try to have an empty hand by the end of each turn. throw way anything at the end of the turn but all in, its a trap, and hit and run. run your economy by swapping and invest in defense only when you cant play offense. ideally on every turn after the first you should be dropping all in or its a trap.

P.s. this deck is great for players on a budget.

Good luck, and Good hunting. Please post thoughts, questions and comments.

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